Sunday, April 28, 2013

Copy Cat Dresses-- McCalls 6547 subsituted for Jasmine Peek a Boo Pattern


Amy Grace  -- I made Amy's dress out of  orange
and white polka dot fabric and added white
ties to the shoulder. With white ric rack around it.

Amy & Ashlee
Ashlee's dress is made from green and white polka dot fabric.
 My daughter bought the McCalls 6547 at  one of Hancock
Fabrics 99 cent sales. When I saw it, I thought, That
will work for this dress. I have  one cut out for Callie
too, just waiting on her to come for a fitting of the
elastic in the neck.

I copied these dresses from Justine, She made her daughter
and adorable blue chambray one. She used the peek a boo
pattern- Jasmine. Please go to her blog and check it out.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

British Sewing Bee ...And the Winner is.....

Great British Sewing Bee

Have you watched the Great British sewing Bee?  I have
been totally engrossed with each show. When the first
show was over, I couldn't wait for the next one to be
downloaded to you  tube.. [Yes , you  girls that
got to watch it on TV, I  was jealous of you.. ha]  Each
contestant , was so nice and so talented. And  I loved
that they used patterns to make their garments,  and
then they had episodes of hand sewing.. It was fun from
beginning to the end!!!  I was also impressed that they
had all types and ages of contestants.. So nice!

Did you pick a contestant that you wanted to win?  I did,
before  I saw the first show, I knew Tilly was going
to be on there, and I totally was putting her on my
winning team!!  She was fantastic!! But , do you know
what?  When I saw the first show, and all the contestants
were  on there, I could NOT choose one. That is  odd
for me,  I always have a "PICK".. but, all of them
were so nice, and so talented, that you couldn't
choose "just one" , You want everyone of them to win.

But...there had to be a final winner and  I was thrilled
to see  this person , be Ann.. She is 81 yrs old and
appeared to be so talented, and such a gracious winner.
Hooray to  Ann!!!

Ann with her trophy!! Isn't she adorable?

Have you seen the show?  If not,  check it out
 How did you feel about it, how did you feel about the contestants?
 Who were you  rooting for? Will you watch the next  series?
Would love to hear your  feed back..
Happy sewing to each of you..

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Visit with my Kids/Grandkids [Sewing too]

Back row[standing] Emily and Kenny111
Front Row- [sitting] Amy/Ashlee/ Chandler/Callie

This weekend ,Kenny and I went to visit our son Gary
and his family. Gary is having revival at his church. So,
he ask his daddy to speak on Sunday Morning. We went
down on Saturday Morning.. We had a great time.
He has such a nice church., and such a nice church family.

Gary and his daddy went  visiting.. So Gina and I
decided to sew the  twins a dress.. Such a simple
little pattern.. [the 2 orange dresses].. She had
2 sewing machines ..So ,we each sewed a dress. The
girls twirled in them, and really enjoyed them.
Note: Emily and Callie are wearing the dresses I
made them for Easter.. I have posted about them

On Sunday, Cindy [our daughter] and her family drove
down. to hear her daddy preach. After church,  Gary
and Gina cooked dinner for all of us.. So nice to
have the whole family together.
The kids all played and had a really good time.

We had a really nice weekend, and I feel so blessed
to have this wonderful family.

 I have sewed several things.. So, I will be posting
  some sewing post ,real soon!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blog Award- Thank you Dorothy

   I was  nominated for this wonderful award by Dorothy.. She  is a
super nice lady who loves to sew and stash [so much fun].,Please check out her  blog.

 7  Things About Me:

1-  I am a child of the King.. And He leads me in everything I do.

2- I am  a wife to a  fantastic fellow named Kenny. We have been
married for 41 yrs. And he is my best friend.

3- I am Mama to 2 kids.[well.. the truth is ..2 adults]..Our daughter
is 40 yrs old, and our son is 36 yrs old. She a high school history
teacher, and he a preacher with his doctorate. I am very proud
of both of them.

4- I am  Maw to 5 wonderful[did I say wonderful! grandkids]. They
range in age from 8 to 14.

5- Sewing is my main hobby.. I love it!!  I have a stash of fabric/patterns/
notions, that is  way toooo much..   I sew nearly every day of my life, and
can't imagine not being able too.. [Hey girls, I tried  [unsuccessfully] to
get hubby to bring my sewing machine to the hospital , for me to sew,
while I was a patient.]

6- Sewing has lead to blogging, and I love the wonderful friends
I have met . And the knowledge that   I have gained from  these

7- I  am a retired Respiratory Therepist.  I worked at the hospital
for 25 yrs. I loved this occupation..  I spent a lot of time in scrub
suits.. so now it is really nice to wear " real clothes".

thank you Dorothy for the lovely award. I appreciate it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vogue 8815

Fayes Essential SAL 2013
Blouse #2
Vogue 8815

Fabric-- from stash.. not sure where it came from?[Yea.. for using my stash]
Pattern- Vogue 8815 - Hancock Sale- $1.00
Zipper- $2.00
Total cost- $3.00

Pattern changes:
1- Lowered neckline
2-Added to length of bodice and peplum
This was a super simple pattern.. I added a zipper, but not sure, that I really had too.
 The next one [and there will be a next one], I want to do in linen and line it.
     [sorry for the bad photo, I have been sick for a couple weeks]

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blythe Middie Dolls & Upcoming Doll Room

Blythe Middie  Dolls
Traveled from Hong Kong
Blythe Dolls-Middie's
New Doll Room [In the making]
Miss Blythe needs a pretty /dainty dress!!
Wow...what a tiny pattern, I am drafting!!
Close up

 The Blythe dolls came out in the 60's & 70'S.. The original
ones are very popular  at the moment. The littlest pet
shop came up with some small [4-5 in] ones, in
their play sets. I couldn't find one, so  I searched
ebay and these sweet girls arrived at my house  , all
the way from Hong Kong.

Callie[11 yr old granddaughter] was visiting, when I found these.
She is totally excited about "our  dolls".  We both decided
they need a home, of their own.. I just happened to
have this little curio shelf . So, we are going to paint,
wall paper, add d├ęcor and a new home for our girls.
[Just waiting on  my helper to come}. Now, While
waiting on  her, I decided I wanted them to have some
long pretty dresses/hair bows, accessories, etc.. SO,
 I set out to cut a pattern [now, this is a tiny pattern].
 Stay tuned.. for  the Blythe Girls new house and Clothes.

Please check out Shelly's blog
She is the one who told me about the Blythe Middie dolls from
Littlest pet shop.. Thank you Shelly.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Blouse #1- Faye's Sew Essential Blouse Sew Along-2013

Blouse #1-  Colette Violet
Back view- Colette Violet

Faye's Blouse Essential Sew along-2013
I have made this pattern several times since
it was released. So, it was a straightforward/fun
pattern to sew. I needed a new white  blouse for
summer. I will be posting blouse #2 tomorrow.

Please check out Faye's  Sew along.. There have really been some
pretty blouses /patterns  posted.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Second Set of Easter Dresses

Chandler, Emily & Callie
 Easter 2013
Emily's Easter Dress
Callie & Emily..
Callie , Emily and Chandler

 These are the Easter dresses , that I made for  my
other 2 granddaughters.

Do you Remember the First Garment You Made??
  I was visiting the  above blog, and  loved her post [please check it out].

 This brought back memories of my first attempt at dress making /or sewing
in general. First, let me tell you about my sewing experiences.

 I graduated high school in the early seventies. I took home ec in school [yes girls, in
those days, it was a required class. And I am so proud, because otherwise, I probably
would never have taken it ,ha. I ended up loving it]..  . We made  crafts, such as a stuffed
 frog, pillowcases,  and the last year a skirt. So, simple /basic sewing items.

 I soon married the sweet hubby and  he bought me my first sewing machine.
I didn't have an idea, what to do with it? It sit in my bedroom for some time.
and you have to remember, there were no  computers, no "how to do" you tubes,
and I assume [since I now have sewing books from that time]  I could have went
to the library and got a sewing book.. but I was too dumb, to think of that ,ha.

One day, I was visiting the Five & Dime Store [yes, that was the name of it, ha]. They had
flat folds of cotton fabric on a table ,with a few sewing notions . I decided to make myself a
dress or rather 2. I bought a solid pink and a solid purple [Why Judy??], Anyway, I got
an A-line pattern with big oval pocket. Came home, cut them out, and sewed them up.
 I decided to put purple pockets on the pink and vice versa. Oh LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were the ugliest dresses you ever saw!!!! and they went to the garbage.[wish I had them to
show you now.]

  I put away the sewing machine until the next year, when my sweet baby girl was born,
and I learned to sew by making little dresses for her.. and what fun that was.. It was a long
time before, I tried to sew for me.
  Please share your first sewing attempts with me.. Would love to hear about them.

UPDATE: I am working on the blouse sew along with  Faye... and will be posting  soon.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Dresses in Action...Amy & Ashlee

Amy & Ashlee
8 yr old twin granddaughters

Amy and Ashlee

Easter dresses.. 2013
 We had a lovely Easter.. All the kids and grandkids were
home for dinner.. Hope you and you family had a lovely
one too.
ps.. When I get Emily and Callie's photos ,I will post them.