Saturday, August 25, 2012

Judy is missing in action!

For those of you who think I have disappeared off the planet, I am still here!  My computer crashed (so I'm borrowing my granddaughter's at the moment)...........No computer leaves me in withdrawal~ :(

My asthma's been giving me fits, so my doctor has decided that I need to take a little "vacation".....I am going to lay in bed, rest, and have all of my "wonderful" meals hand-delivered to me (in the hospital).  Hopefully, I will be out soon, and my computer will be out of the shop as well, so that I can visit with all of you, my dear friends again!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

House Cleaning?? or Work on Hobbies?

House work.. She has the right idea!!!

Scheduling house work?
 I was visiting one of my favorite blogs this morning, and by the way, this
girl really amazes me at how well , she keeps her lovely home and children
going so smoothly.. She was talking about the summers being more
relaxed, [ vaccation from homeshool], and being lax with schedules
during this time of year.. It made me wonder about myself??

You see, I love my house work to be scheduled for  each day, and to
work out perfectly..BUT.............. Some how or  another, I  have
never been that kind of person.. It seems , I make the schedules,
and something in life.. will come along and change that day? Whether
it be,  an unattended illness, a friend that needs a  baby sitter,  a friend
that needs a companion..  A  chance to get out and hit the
stores or  fabric stores? [and you know, I sure can't resist
 that chance,ha]  or  Judy decides she wants to play?? So,
 the house work schedule...just got throwed off...

What about you??? Are you scheduled ? Does it work? Please give me
some tips..

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sailor blouse #2-- Simplicity 5482

Simplicity 5482
 Nautical Childrens Print Fabric from Jo Anns Fabric

Bias Tape  made from fabric remanants

 This is my second blouse from this pattern.It was so easy to make
and so cool to wear. [Folks ...we have had one  HOT/ HUMID summer
here in Ms.] I found this cute little nautical fabric..It has tiny little sailor
boys all over it, and anchors.. So cute.
                          see the fabric here

                                  Merry Christmas was so sweet to stand in for me, for these
                                 photos. I have had this blouse made for a couple weeks, just
                                 waiting on photos..  But ...........[as usual things don't go as
                                  planned].  I had a pre cancerous spot taken off my face [of
                                 all places], trying to wait for it to heal. Then this ole asthma
                                 hit me, and PREDISONE.... is not a  nice medicine to take
                                 while trying to do [it swells your face  up]. So.
                                 Merry Christmas was a sweetheart and stood in for me..
                                BTY...I am wearing this top today with a pair of denim
                                shorts.It is is super comfortable and I like it better than
                                the first one. I cut down the size a little and it has a better