Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dresses for School Auction

Pillowcase Dresses Galore

Ms State University Dress

Daddy's Hunting Buddy has to have a Camoflouge  Dress

My son's children attend  a Private Christian School.
Each year the  school, host a craft/flea market auction
to raise money for the school. So, I made these
dresses to dontate .. Hope they bring  a few
dollars for the school..

Friday, February 22, 2013

Burda 8363- t-shirt #2

Burda 8363.. This is not a knit pattern, but I resized
it and made a tshirt pattern from it..
Light teal blue /white polka dot knit.
 Super easy t-shirt and oh so comfortable to
wear.  I  used my double needle to hem ,I
 meant to take a close up of it, but forgot..sorry.
Love that double needle with the knits . Such a
nice finish.. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Map the Sewintist


Check this out.. Vicki at the Sewing Scientist  came up with this great idea. You can mark the  location of where you are.. Thus see, the sewing
folks in your area.. You may also, add fabric stores and such in your area.
  She has  the  directions at her blog, and they  are easy to follow, and only takes a few minutes..

   Another Sewing Scientist

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sewing For Dr. Seuss Week.. Dresses& Ruffle Pants

Dr. Seuss Week is coming up..
I had to make 2 of these sets.. They were
really fun to make. Now these girls are ready
for their fun week at school.

Sewing for kids is so fun.. There clothes are always so
cute and easy to fit.. On the other hand, sewing and
fitting adults..is not quiet so fun.. ha. I have been
taking a Craftsy Class , trying to learn more about
fitting patterns..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making Valentine CupCakes with my Girls

Valentine Cup Cakes With My Girls
Callie mixing the batter..Getting ready to bake..
NOTE: [Deedy.. your apron was a big hit this day
thank you so much!]
Lots of decorating ..going on!![Emily finally got out
of the bed, and joined us for decorating.. so fun]
Callie  with her  Decorated Cupcakes.. Wonder how long
it will be , before  The yummy eating starts?
I think Emily got caught sneaking a bite?
Callie made herself a  chocolate mustache..Isn't she cute?
Callie and Emily with thier Valentine Cupcakes.. We had
so much fun.. Nothing like sharing a baking day with
your girls.. Love you both!!
Note:  Do you just love these place mats? A special friend
made them for me.. Aren't I, a lucky girl?  Thank you Cathe.

HAPPY  VALENTINE'S  DAY.... to all  my blogging friends..
Hope you  all have a great day..

Monday, February 4, 2013

Surprise Valentine Present..Early!!!

What a lovely  surprise in my mail box today!!
 Beautiful Apron.. SO cute.. I love it!! It even
has a pocket on the front..[Love pockets]
                                                      Valentine's Day Came Early

I went to the mailbox today, and to my surprise was a  package
just for me.. Now..who could it be from?? Deedy.. a sweet blogging
friend. Please check out her blog..http://homeandharvest-deedy.blogspot.com/

She made me this adorable apron out of the cutiest valentine fabric.. Thank you Deedy.