Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sewing Room/Spare Bedroom

My spare bedroom turned sewing room. Wouldn't you hate to be a guest, in this bedroom?

This corner is my computer and embroidery machine. Of course, the computer keeps me busy...trying to keep up with my buddies at Sew Weekly and our many challenges. Note my $1.00 baskets on the wall..they hold  my newer patterns, that I have intentions [hopefully] of sewing soon..

This corner shows my plastic bins ,that are loaded with threads, ribbons, trims, buttons, etc. Note, the antique bedside hospital table [which houses lots of sewing magazines, trims,etc] This table was rescued from  a big sale from the hospital, when they remodeled , to become more modern.. I had to have this memory , as I worked there for 25 yrs as Respiratoy Therepist. It has held many jobs.. But now ,does a great job , containing my sewing odds and ends.

This is my sewing corner. It holds my sewing machine and serger. Mary Christmas is joining in..[she lost her clothes..while I needed her to model
for me-- She is always so agreeable]

Wow..what memories.. These old kitchen cabinets , were in our kitchen, when we first married. When we built our new house and the old one ,was torn down.. My hubby [who can't throw anything away--and boy, this time, I am so proud he couldn't]. Anyway, he stored them in his shed. One day, I told him.. I need them installed in my sewing room, to hold excess fabrics.. His reply,' Oh Lord, you have a closet full of fabric now!!! You don't want them ole things!!  But  a nice supper, and being oh so sweet, eventually got the cabinets on my wall. And yep..they are now loaded down with fabric too. [Am I a fabric acholic? or what?]

Inside of what use to be the closet.. Really needs to be organized. Sounds like a job for the future.

Pretty messy..But thought I would show you, what is inside those kitchen cabinets. This section houses Halloween fabrics, valentine fabrics, Christmas fabrics,etc.

This section holds some sewing books, my embroidery  notebooks [which are pictures of all my designs , that are stored on my computer,  for easy access]  Note:  Don't you just love my tin sign of the two little sewing girls whispering? [Wouldn't you guess , about a sewing project?]

More fabric in this section.. This is mostly children prints. I have 4 grandaughters, so I do alot of children sewing.

 My sewing room/ bedroom is overflowing with stuff and a whole lot of love. Nothing fancy but just a place that I spend lots of time and it makes me very happy... .


  1. Judy, I love your sewing room! it's beautful, crisp and clean and so organized. You can tell it's full of love. I would say it is perfect! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Oh my Judy, this is a delightful space! Thank you for sharing It's so nice seeing where other people create (insert jealousy that your room is soo much bigger than mine! :) hehe)

  3. Thankyou Cathe and Kirsty.. I appreciate it.Judy

  4. Oh, I would love to shop YOUR stash for some of my aprons!

  5. Hi Peppertoast.. Wish you could come by..I would share some fabric with you..ha.

  6. i won't mind at all be a guest on such a well loved room.. xx

  7. Thankyou Rachel.. I'll be looking for you.ha
    Hope your back is feeling better and the thesis is coming along well.