Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sewing for the Twins. McCalls 6262

Amy & Ashlee
7 yr old twin grandaughters

Pattern: Dress/tunic-- McCalls 6262  [I used the pattern for the shape and then
added the ruching ruffle down the front, and added buttons for decorations]

Pattern: Capri/bloomers--  Drafted these. Just regular  little pants with a  ruffle
added to the wider legs. I added  a couple buttons on each leg,for decorations.

Fabric- I found this quilted cotton on sale at Wal Mart. They are  the same print
except one is pink /red circles and the other is green/yellow circles. The green set
has green and white polka dot pants and dress ties. The pink dress has pink pants
and dress ties..

This was a quick and easy cool summer outfit. And the girls loved them..


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    1. Thankyou Rachel.. [They are rotten to the core.lol]

  2. Hey Maw -

    Now these outfits are just TOO cute! I like how you used two different colors for each....love the pink and love, love the green. Your granddaughters are adoreable. Let me guess....the oldest one is the one in the pink? They are sew blessed to have a sewing Grandma!

    1. Thankyou... I enjoyed making them for the girls.. [I have 4 grandaughters... so you know what that means....I have 2 more dresses to make,haha]
      Sorry..you guessed wrong[ha]..Amy is in the pink and she is the youngest. Ashlee in the green is 30 minutes older . But I would say you are close.lol

  3. Hey Girlfriend!

    This so reminds me of when Joshua and Daniel were little...they both had a massive headful of blond curls...and I would make matching outfits (Dan always in green, Joshua always in blue!) At 26, they don't ask for these so much anymore! LOL!!!

    Your granddaughters are soooooo adorable! I just love these outfits...in fact, I was sort of thinking about a similar kind of outfit for myself (no kidding, I really was!) I found some coordinating vintage sheets and I was thinking of a tunic type top with coordinating capri pants. You've inspired me to go for it!

    Have a blessed day, my friend, and thank you so much for all of your prayers.

    With love,

    1. THankyou Laura,
      I love the sewing the alike things. So fun. Cindy [my daughter] has 2 girls that are 2 yrs apart, I always made them matching too.But, they have gotten older, and they say NO..[sad,ha] So, I can believe that the boys have said NO ,to you too.ha
      I like your idea of the tunic with capris [I guess you could even have Minnie mouse ones.hahahaha]
      You are very welcome, and I hope your feeling better. God bless you and your family.

    2. I had to laugh, Judy, yesterday I was in the thrift store and saw a bright red vintage sheet with Mickey Mouse on it. I was sooooooo tempted to buy it and make the outfit...but somehow I just don't think our little fishing village is ready for such incredible fashion yet!

    3. Laura, I just think you need the mickey mouse outfit.. I am waiting to see it posted on your blog.hahahahha

  4. Your 'girls' look so sweet in their new, special-for-them outfits. Seems to suit them just fine, and the creative touches you added are just right! Good work,friend....(we sure do love our twins!)

    1. Thankyou Deedy... Yep.. those twins are pretty special , aren't they? Have a good day..

  5. Super cute girls in super cute outfits!

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    1. Thankyou so much.. They were super easy to make.. Only bad thing.. you have to sew in sets of 2.hahaha