Thursday, August 16, 2012

House Cleaning?? or Work on Hobbies?

House work.. She has the right idea!!!

Scheduling house work?
 I was visiting one of my favorite blogs this morning, and by the way, this
girl really amazes me at how well , she keeps her lovely home and children
going so smoothly.. She was talking about the summers being more
relaxed, [ vaccation from homeshool], and being lax with schedules
during this time of year.. It made me wonder about myself??

You see, I love my house work to be scheduled for  each day, and to
work out perfectly..BUT.............. Some how or  another, I  have
never been that kind of person.. It seems , I make the schedules,
and something in life.. will come along and change that day? Whether
it be,  an unattended illness, a friend that needs a  baby sitter,  a friend
that needs a companion..  A  chance to get out and hit the
stores or  fabric stores? [and you know, I sure can't resist
 that chance,ha]  or  Judy decides she wants to play?? So,
 the house work schedule...just got throwed off...

What about you??? Are you scheduled ? Does it work? Please give me
some tips..


  1. I have to admit that while I periodically plan elaborate schedules, I rarely am able to stick to them. I don't know if it's because I'm unrealistic in my plans or because I have no gumption, but that's how it usually goes.

    But some of the things from the schedules usually stick, like doing kitchen laundry on Mondays or going to the library on Thursdays. Those few things anchor my week. Perhaps I could try adding things a little at a time, instead of trying to change everything all at once.

    I admire anyone who is able to keep things running smoothly. Sometimes I need to take some time off for sanity, and just read, or sew, or bake, or do something relaxing and/or creative.

    Life is hard to balance.

    1. Mrs. Mordecai.. so proud I am not the only one that doesn't stick to my schedule.ha
      I also have a few standard things that I do on schedules..[grocery shopping, cleaning bathroom, keeping laundry done,etc, and your right this does help keep a little balance and keep the anchor..
      Thankyou for sharing..

  2. Love the pic of the little girl with the 'spritzy' cleaner bottle, and the jazzy scarf on her sweet head. Maybe I need a better scarf, or improved cleaner! Really, I LIKE scheds. but sometimes it's randon around here. Have had the same shopping day for eons. It works.. I don't mess w/ what works. But then, I say, 'Self, be Flexible!' ...otherwise others can't find room in your life. Think that a key to 'maturity' is not being so set in our ways that there is no room for new things and new people :) D.

  3. Hi Deedy,
    Isn't that a cute little girl? [Maybe if I had a cute little scarf.I'd clean more]
    Love your ideas.. Enjoy life.. And all things come together. Even the schedule things ...eventually get Thanks for the sweet comment..

  4. Life is about the interruptions. The call from a friend or a grandchild is worth dropping all and heading out the door with them or putting the pot on for a tea or coffee.
    I love a clean house clean and orderly but a bit of dust here and there - hey it happens...

    1. Thankyou so much. You girls are sure making me feel better..with my 'not so strick routine", ha. Thankyou so much.

  5. I'm a terrible housewife because in Brasil we got maids to clean..I get told off by my partner all the time that I'm messy. I love cleaning windows and dusting so I get it done once a week... I hate washing dishes.. I prefer to clean toilets...I didn't own an iron until I started sewing... I used to get all my clothes done in the landry ... Now I'm home during the day, I clean a bit more often... I blame study proscratination

    1. You are soooo funny Rachel--- Now, any girl who had rather clean the tolit than dishes..hahahahha ,My total hate of housework is IRONING.. I hate it..
      But ... I give you an A+ . You have all that school work, so you are busy...

  6. it has taken 10 years of living in my house to finally get to a actual house work routine. Friday morning (although all goes astray on school holidays) But with the change of life styles, new jobs, Arthur starting pre school I think it make take another 10 years to find a new routine!

    1. Charlotte, It does take awhile to get into a routine ,doesn't it? And when changes face us..we have to readjust.. ha.
      Hope your new job and Arthur's school is going well. Think about you..

  7. Popping in to check on you! I haven't "seen" you in a while and I wanted to make sure that you are OK.
    HUGS!!! I hope you are feeling better now and are of doing some fun things!!!!

    As far as schedules go... Oh, boy! I TRY to get into a routine... I realllllly do but it doesn't always work out... LOL

    1. Stacy, I am in the hospital. Just couldn't get rid of this asthma thing and on top of that, my computer died and is in the shop. Yuck! I hope to be back online soon! Thanks for your prayers!