Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Is In The Air- Craft a Pumpkin with what you Have

Fall is here. Leaves are falling. The air is cool an crisp!
 I  looked at my door, and thought, I need some fall
decor.. Nothing says fall,   like pumpkins!!
[and the blue wreath on the door , did not say fall]

I had no pumpkin,  and honestly, I didn't want
to cut up that messy thing just for this.
I looked around ,and found one of the $1 plastic
pumpkins from the Dollar tree. It has a smiley face.
Oh well. It will be facing the wall, No one will
know but me [and now you!]
 I found some ribbons and hot glued them
around the pumpkin. Added some ribbon on
the handle. Some bows on the side.
Added a few artificial flowers and now
I have a  nice pumpkin to greet my visitors!!

 My  pumpkin sits atop an old candy barrel
that I got at an old country store years ago
and painted country red.

I think my pumpkin made my blue wreath
look kinda fallish too.


  1. I love it! I just told the kids last night that we should decorate our new place for Halloween. I love this idea!! We could make a little pumpkin family :)

    1. thank you... What a great idea.. Little pumpkin family..
      bty-- this was so quick and easy to do..