Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little Cabin Vacation Turns into Sewing Costumes

Kenny and I , decided to take a little  mini vacation.. Stay a few days at his
Camp house.  He was going to work on  one of the old sheds out there,
and go hunting on Monday. I was going to bring my sewing machine, and 
work on me some fall tunics.. All the plans were made.  but--- plans
do change.ha

I got a request from a school in VA, To make some costumes for their
church school program. [For those of you , who know me, I do this
each year for churches and schools. Such  a blessing for me.-[- They pay
for my fabrics and shipping]

 I completed 4 costumes while on our mini vacation. 

Plus, I did a tunic muslin for a new pattern. And I have one cut out and 
ready to sew. Will show photos soon.

We had a good time.. The weather was beautiful. We rode  the 4-wheeler.
Went on lots of nature trail  walks. Cooked out and snacked ---way tooo
much!!!   Just plain ole fun!!!


  1. Sounds wonderful!!! We need to get away sometimes. I'm so glad you had a mini vacation.
    a little bird

  2. Yes, and mini vacation with a sewing machine sounds heaven. At least you have had a bit of a sew now - that should rejuvenate you nicely. The costumes look lovely :)

  3. That does sound relaxing, and food is always a requirement on any vacation :)

  4. That is so awesome of you!!! You are such a sweet lady!

  5. It sounds like the perfect vacation to me! Love that you could sew and just have fun!

    1. Thank you Cathe.. It was nice to get away from every day life.. Sitting on the porch, in the swing , sipping ice cold tea----Very nice!!!

  6. Oh, Judy, I just love these costumes! You are such a dear to do this...not everyone has someone who likes to sew. I'm so glad that you and Kenny are getting some quality time together...that is so important.

    Love you,

    1. Thank you Laura.. It was a fun time.. And I feel really blessed to be able to make these costumes.. Just a tiny small part in the wonderful work that these people are doing for our Lord.