Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oh No---Easter is almost here... and I have 4 dresses to make?

                              I spent the last 4 weeks working on biblical costumes. I did 28 for
                              a church in New Hamshire. Such an honor for me..  But, it took
                              my sewing mojo.. Had to take a break.. but couldn't seem to return??
                              However..my 4 granddaughters , don't  know any thing about
                              "Maw has lost her sewing mojo!!"  They just know, they want
                              new Easter Dresses. ha So the sewing table is piled high with
                               Dresses to be made!!!

Muslins are being done for the 13 & 15 yr old girls.
Using an old bed sheet.

The girls dresses  have a sheer bodice over a solid bodice,
with gathered skirts. The skirts have ruffles [from the sheer
fabric]. So, I have made and corrected the fitted bodice
muslin, and have cut out the overlay bodice muslin.
Just need 2 girls to come and try them on?

Emily's dress.. This gorgeous fabric arrived  today..
 Now, I just need the lining fabric to get started.. Her
Mama ordered this on line, so we had to wait for it
to come.. so we can find a matching lining fabric.

Callie's dress.. Her fabric is the same as Emily's..But in a
coral pink color. Callie is 13 and tiny. But, she loved
this pattern [Mccalls- Emily's pattern] However, the
smallest size was just way too big, to alter  to fit her.
I found this Simlicity pattern, that came in a smaller
size.. The bodice is almost the same as the McCalls
pattern.. I am going to  use the Simplicity bodice
and put  the Mccalls skirt on it.


While waiting on the lining fabrics, I will  start on
the twins dresses.. They chose  a vintage sailor
top and skirt.. They are still in the children's size
patterns, so fitting will be easy on this one.Yea.

 Amy and Ashlee chose the  set on the left.
The skirt and top will be blue,  with white collar
and red ties. I will add red trim to the collars.

Not only do I have to finish these 4 dresses by Easter,
 I also will be gone the first few days of April. Kenny has
a doctors appointment in Tn.. And our 42nd anniversary
is April 1 st. We have decided to  make a mini vacation
out of it.. Nothing major, just a little get away..

PS.. I must add [for the girls who have known me awhile, and
 know my willingness to take my sewing machine ANY WHERE
I go.]  Kenny has already said, "no, your not taking
your sewing machine.. You are going to rest!" lol


  1. They look like they will be lovely. That pink and aqua fabric is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Thank you BeaJay,
    The fabric really is pretty.. Almost scared to cut into it.lol

  3. Wow, those dresses are going to be beautiful. Such pretty fabric! Can't wait to see them all done!

    1. Thank you Nicole.. I am working on them now.. Hope to finish soon.???

  4. Yay!!!! So selfless making all those costumes. I'm sure you will have so much fun working up the Easter outfits. All beautiful fabric choices too. Can't wait to see them!

    Rest?!?! Sewing is resting! :)

    1. Thank You Nakisha. The pretty fabrics and the excited girls have definitely got me in the sewing mood,ha
      I agree... Sewing is Resting... love it.. [the costumes are just a repetitive type sewing...so not alot of excitement. So..just a rest from that type sewing.lol]

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Dorothy..
      Don't you just love that fabric? Wish you were here.. you could help me.ha

  6. I'm not surprised that making 28 costumes took your mojo away for a little while. After a break, it will come back again, I'm sure.

    1. Sarahliz,
      The break this week,has really helped..
      the girls fabric came in the mail yesterday, and it was so pretty, that I was ready to sew again.ha.
      Hope your work is coming together and Your hubby's work /move is better..

  7. I always look forward to ww what you making for your grandchildren. so much love goes into it

    1. Thank you Rachel.. Sewing for the grandkids is priceless.. such fun.. But. since the girls are growing up...it is getting more like sewing for adults.ha Miss those sweet little girl dresses. such fun..

  8. Beautiful fabric choices and patterns. I can not wait to see the finished garments. Also, I am wishing you a lovely vacations ;-)

    1. Thank you Hana, My daughter picked it out.. I really like them too.
      I think hubby and I will enjoy the couple days away..

  9. Judy <3 times 4!! Have a restful trip. Oh, it snowed here last night, again.....blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least my kitchen wreath is on my door, and I'll frame my birdy/footprints picture. But at least the sun here has turned bright and cheerful....D

    1. Deedy, I love how your rational things.lol
      thank you so much.... EEEEH.. not snow again..so sorry. Proud your seeing some sunshine.

  10. I can't wait to see the dresses, you have been so busy enjoy your time away on vacation :)

    1. Thank you Sew Sister..
      I am working on the twins sailor dresses now.. Making great progress, but I know the older girls dresses, progress will slow down alot.lol
      It will be nice to get away for a couple days.. Looking forward to it.