Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sewing Birthday Presents for Twin Grandaughters

Sisters Forever [Frozen] Skirts  for
Amy and Ashlee

Chevron    Purse for Amy

                                              Happy 10 th Birthday Amy & Ashlee

                                       So hard to believe the girls turned 10 yrs old
                          this month.. They love the movie Frozen.. I found
                          this  fabric, and it was barely enough for the 2 
                          skirts. I bought  matching rtw t-shirts  to go with 
                          them. I also made Amy a chevron initial purse.
                          Ashlee doesn't like purses, so I bought her another
                          present.. Also, got the girls outfits for their
                          American Girl dolls.

                    Sewing... I have done a  few sewing things,  a tunic
                    for me,  an initial pillow .. Just need to photograph 
                     them.  Sorry for the lack of post, I  got in a lull, after
                     Callie got sick.. But , I am hoping to get to sewing
                     more real soon..Miss it!!!

                Update on Callie... She went back to Children's Hospital
                 yesterday, and  had another EEG and blood work.. Have 
                not heard from blood work..But the EEG was normal. 
                Meaning the seizure meds is working.. She is still  having
                some problems, but we thank God for this news.. Please 
                continue to pray for her. and thank you all for your


  1. So happy to hear she's doing better. Hoping for normal bloodwork!

    1. Thank you ... We too, are hoping for Normal blood work..It will be 2-3 days before we find out. bless her heart, she went to the hospital yesterday, came home, and is sick with a stomach virus today..

  2. I am glad hearing the news of Callie, I hope everything will be ok for her.
    Love the twin skirts and the purses, they all look so adorable :)

  3. Great news on Callie's health. The birthday gifts are really cute :-)

  4. So glad Callie is getting better! Hope the stomach virus passes soon and the bloodwork looks good.

    1. Lisa, thank you so much.. I appreciate you so much. you are super nice..

  5. I have wondered about your grand daughter. I am so happy she is proving.

  6. Wonderful news with Callie :) Of course your mind has been elsewhere other than selfish sewing, with this going on. I think making things for your other grandchildren would have been very therapeutic. Lovely skirts too - they will love wearing these :)

    1. Thank you Sarah liz. I appreciate you so much.

  7. praise the Lord for great results! you've been been having some great sewing mojo going on over there too I see , I plan on jumping back on the sewing wagon pretty soon, there's so many new to me things I want to try


    1. Thank you Nana.. I have been sewing for kids..But.. I plan on doing some ME sewing.ha Hope you and I both get some sewing in soon.

  8. So glad she is doing better!! I'll be keeping her in my prayers!!

    Love those pretty skirts and purses!!

    1. Thank you Stacy..
      The girls loved the skirts and purse..[they are growing up...ha