Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas To Each of You..[Christmas 2014]

                It is Christmas Eve ... Such a blessed and Wonderful

          Lots of  "stuff" going on around  here!   Today is  our
          Dinner day with the kids and their  families. I have
          been cooking and making preparations for several 
          days...but,  I still see  lots to do.
          I wanted to take a few minutes to say  I pray you 
          and your families have a very blessed and Merry
          Christmas. May God be with each of you,, Have

          Thank you all for being such wonderful friends..


  1. enjoy the Savior and your family too! xxoo D

    1. Thankyou Deedy..Such a wonderful holiday. Jesus is the Reason for the Season!! Hope you and family had a blessed/wonderful day.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. I thought you would be very busy at this time of year with your extended family.

    Do have a happy and holy Christmas and I hope a wonderful New Year - with best wishes for Callie.

    1. Thank you Sarahliz. It has been pretty busy around here.. But .lots of fun/food/and happy children..
      Thank you for remembering Callie.. I so appreciate it.. She is getting better each day... but still trying to get meds regulated and trying to help her accept the "forever meds"..This is so rough for a young girl.

      Now.. I am ready to clean my sewing room/organize and get ready for our 2015 sewing challenge.. Thank you and best wishes on your studies.. bty...loved your Christmas dress.

  4. I don't cook anymore. I now leave that to my girls. I can't stand long enough to do much of anything in the kitchen, but I hope things will change concerning my health this coming new year. I have some surgeries coming up. Blessings in the new year for you and yours Judy.

    1. Shelly.. I too pray for your upcoming surgeries and improved health in 2015. May God be with you through it all.
      My Christmas cooking is going to have to slow down a bit...[this old age, is getting me.ha]
      God bless you, sweet Shelly.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!
    My pray to Callie and wish her all the best :x

    1. Thank you Hana..Happy New year to you and yours too.
      Callie is slowly improving..thank you.