Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sewing Project Completed [Bathroom Curtain/ Commode Topper] & Preview of Upcoming Craft Project

Curtain for  Bathroom [at the old house we
are fixing up]
It is  a Berry Red /White stripe, with  a red/white
floral topper..

NOTE: Click on photos  to enlarge.

Used the left over fabric to make a matching
Commode topper.

 I have a craft project in progress.. [I saw a similar
idea on someone's blog. Can't find it.. Sorry I
can't give credit to her blog. ].. These are Christmas
Popcorn tins. I am making  them to  place
on a  big  shelf [that will go from ceiling to floor
and house baskets and tins to hold sewing supplies]. I
will not have a sewing room, when we move..[sad]
So, I am having to figure out what to do with my
massive stash.ha
 I spray painted these  tins [like 20 times.. whew.. have
you ever tried to cover a Christmas tin with white
paint??   not fun.ha] .. I will be  decorating them
with stencils/ more paint/ maybe chalk board paint?
 Will finish them soon.. and  post.

Stencils and  Paint
Just waiting on me....

Hope you all are having a fun summer, and
lots of sewing fun..  I am sorry , I have not
posted in such a long time.. We are  working
many hours a day on this old house, and
getting our house ready to sell.  So time,
is really hard to find. Sorry.


  1. I can't imagine you not having your sewing room! Looks like you got some great ideas though on storage.

    Pretty curtain and commode topper (I've never heard of one but I have now decided I need one)
    Have a blessed day

    1. Thank you Vickie. I really cant imagine not having a sewing room either.. But.. I have 3 bedrooms in my house, and I will only have 2 in the other house.. So... I must down size.ha
      I had never heard of a commode topper either.. But, I had made new curtains for my house [bathroom] awhile back.. and when I had the left over fabric, made a double sided rectangle [super easy..] I put on top of commode.. It really looked cute with stuff sitting on it.. When we get moved to the old house, I will decorate that bathroom too.
      Hope you have a blessed day too.

  2. Sounds like you're very busy with both the houses! Your projects look great; I'm glad you got a little time for sewing.

    1. Thank you Dianna . It was fun getting to sew..even if, it were a tiny project..

  3. All the best! I love doing up houses but there's always a big time in the middle where I think WAAH!! Make it stop!!! ;-)

  4. Thank you Maryanne..
    I think I am at that point -" Make it stop". lol

  5. Love your curtain and commode topper! Sorry to hear you won't have a sewing room, but the floor to ceiling storage shelf sounds great. Glad you got in some sewing and crafting time. Looking forward to seeing how the tins look when finished. I'm sure they'll look great. Have a lovely week.

    1. Thank you Bless. Yes, I hate that I want have a real sewing room any longer, but I think it is our time to downsize.. We are getting older, [ha] and just don't need to upkeep 2 houses.
      Will post the tins, when I finish them.. I am missing sewing, so trying to do some little projects, as we work on the old house.

  6. Sewing and red? Fabulous, good for you...some sewing time? Just what you needed! xxoo, Deedy

    1. Thank you Deedy.. YES. I so needed some sewing time.. It was fun.. Hopefully, you will be seeing more sewing , real soon.

  7. I know you will miss the sewing room! I like the popcorn tin idea, I am always looking for creative storage ideas.

    1. I will miss the sewing room.. but I have several [cubby hole] Ideas to store my stuff. and also a nook [in one of the bedrooms] that will house
      my sewing table and 3 machines.. So, I will still be ok.. [will miss the cutting table for sure.ha]
      The tin idea is fantastic, I am not sure where I saw it, but I had several of the tins .. and they are stackable to. If you decide to try it.. I advise to spray with primer first.. I didnt , and I had to spray paint them a ton ...

  8. It looks like your are putting your magic touch on the new homestead! Really fun and so pretty! I look forward to seeing how your tins turn out!

    1. Thank you Cathe,
      Have lots of ideas , but no time.. [too much painting going]
      I need to photograph the tins and post. Maybe soon... Turned out cute..