Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Update on Judy [Missing in Action}

Hi my sweet friends,

  Thankyou all so much for your sweet commments and prayers, I  appreciate it so much.

   I am home from the hospital [Thank God.], I am still battling the asthma and it is winning
[lol]. I have to stay in for awhile. I have an appointment with my pulmonologist [lung doctor]
tomorrow. My doctor wants him to see if he can think of something else to do or change?
But , I do feel some better today ..So I feel I am heading up the hill  now.Yea!!!  Ready to'

    As for my computer, I got it out of the shop, but as the computer doctor said, it's on it's
last leg, and I lost all my stuff on it..[So, If any of you have emailed me, I didn't get them,
and I have lost all email addresses until I hear from you, I will have no way to get
them back, so sorry.. Please email me  your adresses again.].  As soon as  I can get out ,
 I am going to buy a new computer. But until then.. I am hoping to be able to , at least , be
able to  communicate with my buddies and check out sew weekly..[sure  have missed  all
the sewing and what you lovely girls  have been doing].

   Hugs to you all. Judy


  1. It's really funny but I was only thinking yesterday how quiet you still were ... and here you are! Welcome back and I hope you get up and running technologically soon!

    1. Thankyou Diane.. So proud to be back again..

  2. SOOOOOO glad you are home and doing better!!! Still sending lots of prayers and HUGS your way!!!!

    1. Thankyou Stacy.. Love the prayers and hugs..

  3. Thankfully we have been chatting through all of your sickness. I'm so thankful you are better and regaining your strength.

    1. Thankyou Cathe, So thankful to have such a wonderful friend..