Monday, October 22, 2012

Thrift Finds Equals a Fun Day

Beautiful Lace Table Cloth

Close up of Table Cloth

Victorian ruffle pillow
Pink/red floral on one side
and sage green on the other!!

Do you love thrift stores?  Saturday , I went to  a thrift
store. And found this beautiful table cloth, and the
victorian /chic rose fabric pillow.. I also
found a sack of fabrics . [I will share
those finds later]
NOTE:  Kenny made this cute little table and  bench
for me , years ago.. They have changed colors and
moved from room to room over the years. They are
special to me!!!


  1. GREAT finds!!! I can't wait to see the fabric you picked up!!! :)

    LOVE the table and bench! They are both soooooo cute!!! He is very talented!!

    1. Thank you Stacy.. It was a really fun day.. As you know, sometimes you go and find nothing..but Saturday was a good day..
      I saw this plasic/see through bag and it had fabric in it.. And was only $3..Yes , My heart was beating fast,lol. Then I stumbled upon a very nice peice of leopard print ,it was a little over 2 yds and she gave it to me for 25 cents.. Then, I found a queen size sheet, that was white stripe on white.. It looked new and I got it for $2.00. I think I will make a curtain for my sewing room from it.
      I will be posting photos of it soon.
      Thank you.. Kenny is talented.. and pretty sweet {most of the time}ha.

  2. I do like thrift stores. I have founds some great buys. The table cloth is lovely!!

    1. Thank you... It is always fun , when you find a bargain.

  3. Feels like treasure hunt, isn't it.. I love it too.. How lucky to have Kenny built you a little table... How is his back? I hope he is well and you too.

    1. Thankyou Rachel.. I am very lucky..He is still having lots of back trouble.. I am doing much better.