Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sewing Room ----Redo Projects

Desk Chair-Oh how ugly you were!!
I had the 'Most Comfortable" Desk
chair in my sewing room. My husband
rescued it from being thrown away, and
brought it home to  me.. I have been using
it for years.. [ didn't get to see
it when I took photos in my sewing room,
I hid it,ha] Kenny took the cushions off
for me, and I took it outside for a much
needed coat of black paint!!!Just look at
these ugly cushions.. They are headed for
a brand new look.. I will use the floral
unholstery fabric , seen below.

Beautiful floral upholstery fabric and Red /white
gingham check.. The was in a bag at the thrift
store for $3.00.
Floral fabric-- 4 yds
Gingham - 5 yds..
I am going to cover the cushions of my desk chair
with the floral..The red check will be come a table
  Lots of work to do before the finish line!!! But
what fun... Judy is having!!!


  1. Wow! I'm very excited to see how it turns out.

    1. Thank you.. I am getting a lot done this weekend.. Hopefully, I will be able to show photos of a finished room, real soon.. Hope you and family are having a good weekend.

  2. your sewing room will look so good with your new upholstered chairs.. im having so much fun with my sewing room too

    1. Thank you Rachel.. Proud your having fun too..

  3. OOOH!!! I can't wait to see it all when you are done!!!!

    1. Stacy, I am working on it this weekend.Hope to get it finished soon and post photos.. [However, I always take longer, than I predict.ha]
      How are you? Hope your feeling better.

  4. Judy....must send you a picture of my sewing room chair. I think we are least by the Lord and chairs!! My chair is leftover from the other house, and will do just nicely til the sewing room gets a redo...Husband and I? DONE with painting for now...mostly because we think we have to re-floor that room! Huge slant issue, and need brakes on my chair so I don't roll downhill while sewing. HA!!! Deedy

    1. Deedy, I do indeed think we are kin.. Your chair sounds a lot , like
      Kenny got this comfortable chair from work.They redid their office and was throwing
      it away.. He said, It sit so comfortable, so he brought it to me.. And he was so right,it is super comfortable..But ugly as sin.hahahaha. I have used it like this for several years..always saying, I would redo it. Finally, the day came.
      You know I told you we [I] painted Kenny's hunting cabin, and i was so sick of painting,I didn't think I would ever paint I sure understand that
      Any way my sweet friend... we will just enjoy our sewing [with our not so pretty chairs. ha]

  5. Good Morning, Sweetie!

    I love the fabric you found! Can't wait to see your chair all finished...the red gingham goes so perfectly with the will be lovely I'm sure! My dad is on a kick now of redoing old caned chairs...he picks them up at the thrift stores or swap shop...strips them...restains the wood...then canes the chair. He just started this hobby this past summer...and he's almost 90! I'm going to do a post about one that he gave me is so beautiful.

    Hope you and Kenny are both well...I've missed you!
    Sweet blessings, dear one,

    1. Thankyou Laura, I am still working on the sewing room redo.. SO many things to do...
      I can't wait to see your dad's chairs.. How amazing.. I just love people that keep going.. Who says, we have to quit hobbies as we age??
      When Kenny bought the land with the cabin on it. We have been painting,etc.Well, out in one of the sheds, we found a bunch of cane chair bottoms.. Apparently some one had been making them.. I know it is 200 of them.. The chair parts are not out there, just the bottoms and they are already caned. I can't imagine just leaving them.. Interesting. ha