Saturday, May 28, 2016

When You Love to Sew...and Loose Your Sewing Room...what do you do?

Sewing Nook in the Extra Bed Room
This is an OLD house..This bedroom had this
cut out in the corner..No one was sure what it
was for??  But.......... It was transformed into a
sewing nook..  My two little sewing tables fit
perfectly in that spot.Kenny built  the shelves
above  to hold books, patterns, and some accessories.
The wall next to it,  was just the right length  to
put my embroidery machine table and a book
case. The book case holds baskets for my sewing
stuff [zippers, buttons, elastic.. etc]

NOTE: click on photos to enlarge.. Shows much clearer.

This is the rest of the bedroom.. It's not
 like having my big sewing room.. But.. when space is
limited... you find the little nooks work quiet!!

Fabric Stash... as you know, I have TOO  MUCH fabric..
When we made the decision, to make this house move.
I knew , I did not have room for my fabric stash..So,
I gave lots of it away.. I donated lots to Salvation army. I couldn't
bring myself to part with  the rest.. ha  The hall in this house,
has  a very wide/long hall. I used it  wisely.. Kenny built
a really big book shelf to hold my fabrics. [Isn't he sweet?]
I found the black/white fabric totes for $3 each. They fit
perfectly in the shelves. Plus I had a few extra shelves
to hold books ,etc.  PS---I will be doing post of  the rest of
the hall and how I used it...coming soon.

 I will be doing post of the rest of our "little old house". Lots of work has been done...and there is lots of work to come.  I will
be sharing with you... the before's and the afters..

Happy Memorial Day to you and your family..


  1. Ingenious! I have had very squishy spaces to work in and my current one is pretty roomy but I rarely have time to use it!

    1. Thanks Maryanne.. I so understand.. Time .. don't we need some more for sewing? ha Happy Memorial day.

  2. I love it -perfect spot for your sewing! I have a small space too but I don't sew as much as you do. I'm glad it all worked out. Have a great Sunday.

    1. Thank you Vickie. I have already been sewing a little.
      Hope you have a wonderful Sunday too.

  3. What a cozy sewing nook! It's set up so nice and so functional, Judy. You really did make the best use of that space and it looks so wonderful!

    1. Thank you Carolyn.. I am slowly finding spaces for everything.. ha

  4. Your sewing nook is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! And, how in the world can you keep things so neat???

    1. Thank you Faye..
      now don't you know, it doesn't look like this all the time.. When I is stuff everywhere. Just neat for the Have a great Memorial Day.

  5. Your new nook looks perfect Judy! You are so organized, you inpire me!

  6. THank you Cathe.. You are sweet.. I do like organization, [you know me..ha] But.. I think it may be cleaned up, so I could take a

  7. A sewing nook...I love it. Sew cute! Making good use of space. Kenny is quite the handy man huh?! I am sure that somebody is getting some good pieces of fabric with your donations! Enjoy your new sewing space. I love those floors by the way! Happy sewing!

  8. Thank you Terri. I am ready to sew up a storm.. Have been so busy, getting this house ready and selling our other house..[whew...proud that is over.ha].
    I do hope that the fabric will be used and help someone.
    The floors are really old.. We had them re-finished. They have LOTS of old character [aka scratches, holes, dings, bad places, etc.]

  9. How are you Danielle/ Hope you two are doing good.. I use to sale on Etsy and Ebay.. But since we moved..just too busy.ha Plus , I live in the country and too far to go to the post office every day.ha

  10. I love how you made that area of the bedroom into your sewing nook! And the shelves for holding your fabric stash! Everything looks so neat and organized! Hope you get lots of sewing time once you've settled in.

    1. Thank you Bless...When you love to sew, you will definitely find a place for the sewing

  11. Judy, this looks so nice!!! Beautiful room with a darling nook.

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