Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Outside Living... Working on the Yard

Front Porch...  We  spend a lot of time on
the porch.. We eat lunch most days, and  my
friends,  we take A lot  of breaks

NOTE...  Click on the photos , to see a larger/
more clear view.

The  cute bird pillows came from Walmart.
They put them on clearance for $3. I brought
3 home with me.

This is  at our driveway, Kenny put the trellis
up for me, and bought this climbing vine
to go on it. They yucca sticker plant was already
there, it is just fixing to bloom white. I think
the white blooms will be a good contrast to the
red. The pump does not work, but a family
treasure , that goes with us ,wherever we go.
 I planted the red vinca and ivy pot, to bring
in color at the driveway.

Sod is being layed..  We are no where near through. eeeh
This has been some kind of work.. But this patch in
front of the porch, is already running.. YEA!!

Side of house... the shrubs and flowers are doing well.
As you can see, haven't got  sod laid here yet..
Slowly but surely..

We have a row of these blooming shrub/trees
going down the side of the driveway. White with
red centers.

The Cute little gardening shed..[Kenny redid it, it 
was falling in.] After I painted it ..[red of course, ha]
I planted hosta and some wire deco to the walls.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.. And
staying as cool as possible.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Maryanne.. Hope your shows are doing well.

  2. Oh Judy! What a beautiful porch and lawn! Your flowers and plants look so happy in the shade! My plants are envious - they're mostly in full sun and the heat is a real challenge for them. The pretty flowering bush with the white flowers and purple centers is a Rose of Sharon - it was a favorite of my mother's and I have one that is fortunately very drought-friendly. Thanks so much for sharing your pretty lawn and flowers!

    1. Thank you Carolyn,
      The plants here do really well.. lots of shade does help.. My other house was opposite, and I had mostly sun [and the Ms heat is rough ,ha].
      You are right the white shrubs are Rose of Sharon.. I was typing away, and I literally had brain freeze, could not remember the name of it. [old age for]. What color is yours? I had one at my other house, and it was a darker pink..Very pretty. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Your lawn is looking lovely! Your red house is very pretty and cheerful too. :)

  4. I would love to have a front porch like that. So inviting and relaxing on these summer evenings. You are so blessed!
    I remember my grandma had a swing on the front porch. All five of us kids decided to swing on it one day. Of course we broke it down! They waited till we left to put it back up. ha ha
    Your sod is looking good too! Have a great day!

    1. Thankyou Vickie.. we are so very blessed. and We are totally enjoying the porch [some times tooo much....makes me lazy,ha]
      SO funny about your grandma not putting the swing back up , until yall left.hahaha

  5. My goodness, what a lovely yard! The porch is where I'd be early or late, when the heat is lower. I'd join you shelling beans, or some handiwork, or letter writing if the internet didn't go that far! The sod looks like it's taking hold. Yippee! We brought 2, 3" seedlings of Rose of Sharon from the VillageHouse, and they've grown 2 feet this summer. If they 'have babies' eventually, I'll send you seed. Deedy

    1. Thank you Deedy... Please do send me seeds if you have any.. I will do the same.
      Come join me on the porch [it is very nice]. We will get all that work done and talk away too. smile.

  6. You are surrounding with a lot of good things, so nice to see all the flowers blooming :) Hope you enjoy the summer too.

    1. Thank you Hana.. Loving all the beautiful blooms of summer.

  7. It's starting to look really pretty, after all the years of effort you have put in. You deserve to take a few breaks on the porch :)

    1. Thank you Sarahliz. We are slowly getting it all done..
      and we are taking our fair share of So quiet and peaceful.

  8. I love the .
    pump next to the flowers, the porch is lovely too

    1. Thank you Nana.. The pump was given to my husband by his brother. He has now gone on to be with the Lord.. Died of a sudden heart attack.. So , it is very special. \
      We spend lots of time on the porch.

  9. I love the porch! I've always wanted a porch, but don't have one. Enjoy sitting there for me! Your garden is lovely, too.

    1. Thank you Bless. I love the porch too. We did not have one at our other house, so this one is being really used..