Friday, October 21, 2016

Stool Finished & Fall Living Room Cleaning Done

            Fall Cleaning  is Continuing....Living Room Done
                      Plus ---  Finished the  Stool

I finished the stool [ blogged about earlier]. It has been
many colors in it's long life. ha I decided to paint
it white , and add to the living room, since the extra
seating is needed , when the kids visit. I was planning
on a red check  cushion, but it just didn't work. So ,
solid red wins!!

Fall cleaning.. has been going for awhile.. The
living room is done. I washed all the walls and

The curtains were washed.   

 I cleaned out from under the couch cushions.
[How does stuff get up under there??? ]
I washed the cushions with a damp cloth. Cleaned
the ceiling fan  and washed the globes.

Now... How does a sweet  15 yr old granddaughter
contribute to  your fall cleaning?????
1- Lay on the couch
 2- Play on her phone
3- Throw up that hand and say "Maw, don't
take a  photo of me!" ha
Callie Noelle- 15 yrs old.


  1. I never thought of cleaning curtains that way. You're brilliant. I need to do fall cleaning. We have company coming for a bonfire Saturday night. I'm afraid it may just get a lick and a promise, because I found out we have a funeral to attend tomorrow afternoon.
    God bless!

    1. Laura, so sorry about your loss.
      I have never done "fall" cleaning , always spring cleaning.. But, I am always in a rush during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays, trying to clean and get ready for the
      festivities. So, I thought , if I clean/clean, it should help the work load then??? we will see how it works,ha.
      The bonfire sounds fun.. Hope you , family, friends have fun.

  2. Will this be your first winter in the new house, and first thanksgiving?

    1. Hi Maryanne.
      Yes , this will be the first.. Not sure how we will all be fitting in
      We will manage.. smile

    2. Cosy is perfect for these family occasions xo It will be special for being a first too!

    3. thank you Maryanne.. I am looking forward to the holidays..

  3. I love the stool and the pop of red in your living room. So cute. Such a sweet granddaughter!

    1. Thank you Vickie.. The stool will give one more seat during the holidays.. Need to figure out a few more seats? but no
      This granddaughter [Callie] is Emily's sister.. She is just as sweet as Emily..[The are both spoiled rotten... wonder by whom? lol]

  4. Everything looks so nice! And you worked really hard. Your granddaughter is a cutie. Love all the pops of red in your home. Such a happy color!

    1. Thank you Carolyn.. I love red.. It is happy ,isn't it?
      My granddaughter is something else.. Totally enjoy her visits.

  5. The stool looks fabulous- I like the solid red! Your home looks so clean and cozy. And your granddaughter looks like a sweetie pie. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Judy.

    1. Thank you Dawn.. This ole stool has been moved from room to room and has been a ton of different colors.. ha
      Callie is so sweet and SO rotten.. [and we done it lol]

  6. You have been busy! Love to see everything clean and neat :) Your grand daughter is so pretty :)

    1. I love the clean and neat tooo... [just wish it would stay that]
      Thank you ... Callie is a mess.

  7. Cute little chair and gorgeous granddaughter Judy.

  8. Your living room is very nice - lovely colour scheme and you have made it look quite "roomy". Callie looks lovely reclining on the newly cleaned couch!!

  9. You've done a ton of work, cleaning! Your granddaughter is beautiful. Love how she's "helping". :D


  10. Callie looks like such a sweet girl!