Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sewing Tops for a friend's Girls --& Grocery Store update

I have a friend in  Washington. I have sewed for
her girls for years.. They are now 9 and 14.. Such
sweet girls. They are away at camp for 3 weeks.
Grace ask me to make them some easy to wear
tops for Camp. I made them 6 tops each.. It was
fun sewing..  The photo above only show 3
different tops [  I  lost the photos of the other ones..sorry]

Embroidered yellow, tie top.
Sewing.... I have several blouses/skirts that I have made. I made
lots of items [pillows, bedskirts, chair covers  for  Emily's
new dorm room]Lots of embroidering too. Fun/fun
I will be blogging them soon.. It is nice to be sewing again.

Grocery Store Update Walmart [in our area] has stopped their comp ads. So, I am buying very little groceries there. I am doing the next bestthing......... Going to several different stores , for their sales.
 We did  have a new grocery chain open last week, about
10 miles from me.. Reeds Grocery.. It is alot like Kroger.
I was really impressed with their stock/ workers were
super nice. Lots of great sales this week.. Hope it
continues and is not just a  "new store gimmic" and
go back to the  high prices.ha

Things I purchased this week:
Hamburger meat [packaged in smaller packs.yea]- $1.77 lb
Kraft mayo- $1.99
Tuna- 47 cents
Can veggies [green beans, corn, mixed veggies]- 36 cents
Crisco oil- $1.99
Center cut pork chops- $1.77 lb
Doritos chips $2.00
Strawberries- 97 cents [pint]
Fresh Pineapple- 99 cents [it was small]
Lettuce - 89 cents
 Potatoes- 10 lb bag- $1.50
Can tomatoes- 49 cents
They also have a bakery.. and it smells wonderful// I bought a
fresh, from the oven, loaf of french bread.. delicious!! 99cents

Hope you have a nice upcoming weekend.


  1. Love the tops and those grocery prices are great!

    1. Thank you ... Love the new grocery store, hope it remains like this... smile

  2. Oh, Judy! Your creations are just so beautiful! God has surely gifted you, and you, my friend, in turn are a gift to the world! So thankful to know you, sweet friend. God bless you and your family and your Emily at college. :)

    1. Thank you Cheryl..
      So thankful for our friendship.. God is good.

  3. Beautiful sewing, what lucky girls! Glad you're finding some good deals on groceries too. :)

    1. Thank you Dianna. It was fun sewing, and knowing the girls are enjoying them, makes it all worth while.
      love those prices too.

  4. Those tops look very nice and cool. I bet those girls are glad to have them. You know I rarely go to wal mart too. Your hamburger price was a good one!

    1. Vickie, I am so excited about this new store.. Hope these prices remain good????? We are seeing a big difference in the taste of their meats too. Much fresher.. Keeping my fingers crossed.ha

  5. Judy..I was JUST at Walmart this morning, and don't usually do a 'full' shop there. Like you, I tend to shop a tad here, and a tad there. Just not the same week!. Corn today was 15 cents an ear, and excellent! Also bought a huge bunch of orange gladiolus stalks for under $4.oo. I was a happy camper. The girl's are So Blessed indeed (both yours and others) that you sew for them! Deedy

  6. Thank you Deedy.

    Wow...such good prices at your wal mart.. They seem to have good fruits most of the time too.
    I love gladiolus... they are so pretty.. They make me happy too.

  7. You have been busy. Love the tops, they are pretty with the embroidery. Grocery sale is fun :)

    1. Thank you Hana. It has been a busy summer.. How are you and family doing?

  8. Those tops are really cute! That's so nice of you to sew them for your friend's girls.

    Great grocery prices at the new store! Hope it continues. Hamburger here is something like $5.99/lb.!

  9. Thank you..
    I too, hope the new grocery store prices hold. This is week #3, and I got a sales ad in the mail yesterday. Wow.. just fantastic.
    I can't believe how expensive hamburger meat has gotten? It is $3-$4 a pound here. We were amazed at how much better the meat taste at this store too.. Got my fingers crossed that it will continue.. I will have to post my buys from this week soon.