Thursday, March 31, 2011

UFO Challenge

 UFO  Challenge..[ Some project you started but never finished]

What a great challenge for the week of March 27th. I had this skirt
and top cut out and  had actually done a little sewing on it. I soon
discoverd that I had made a boo-boo. I  had accidently laid the front
pattern peice on  the selvage and it was suppose to be on the fold.
oooooh!!!  I just stuck it in a bag, in the closet,out of sight, out of
mind!!  Well , thanks to Mena's challenge.. I decided to  pull it out
and see what I could do with my mishap.
    I decided to  add a peice of white in the center . I just folded the black
check down, added the white insert.. I  then ,added a tiny lace in the center,
and added red buttons to give the illusion of  a button up blouse..
  It turned out alright.. NOT  REALLY sure ,where my mind was at,
when I chose the  fabrics to go together?????????

  UFO... FINISHED and hanging in my closet..yea,yea

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