Saturday, April 30, 2011

Emilys First Sewing Project- Age 5

  Now.. this dress may not look like much to you...... but to a grandma... it is a very prized possession.
 Let me tell you the story of Emily [my oldest grandaughter ,now 12 yrs old] .I was baby sitting her,
and sitting at my sewing machine ,just sewing away..She kept instisting, she wanted to sew too...Finally,
  I had her sit right beside me, gave her some scrap fabrics, scissors, and a big needle that I threaded
for her.. She not only cut out her amazing dress, but picked the fabric,  and designed it, and  sewed..All
by herself. [NOW.... do you not think I have a dress designer on the way?ha] She was so proud of her
self. This prize dress ,has hung in my sewing room ,every since.
   She loves sewing .She and I can talk for hours about it, and we love to visit fabric stores.

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