Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge- Inspiration from Our Childhood Picture-4/10/11

 Inspiration from Childhood Picture...Sew weekly Challenge - 4/10/11

   I didn't have a picture of me as a child, so I debated and debated on not doing this challenge.But ,I really wanted to participate..As , I rambled through the many photo albums of all my grandchildren..I found a picture of my 10 yr old grandaughter ,Callie.. She was 2 years old at the time. I have been told by my family, that she really looks alot like me ,when I was small. I decided to use her picture ,for my inspiration. She was sitting on a picnic table,with a tire swing behind her.. Oh, this brought back so many of my own childhood  memories. We always had that tire swing in our yard.
   She was wearing a simple green check  a-line sleeveless dress with watermelons on it. So, I chose a green gingham check fabric, and appliqued  a watermelon on the front of it. The dress was very comfortable ,and will make for a nice ,cool summer dress.
Fabric-2.00 yd- $5.00
Pattern- Hancock Fabric sale- 99 cents [I used Simplicity 2995-project runway]
Notions- vintage zipper [free]
Time to Complete- 3 hours

Wear again- yes

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