Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weight Loss

  Well.. this is a not fun post.. I made it through Christmas, and My weight had  really gotten out of control. I weighed more than ,I had ever before. My already health problems ,were getting worse and worse. I knew ,I had to do something..but ...just didnt seem to ever get motiviated.. I had to leave my job of 25 years as Respiratory Therepist at the Hospital. I was really depressed.  I had never had a weight problem, I was always the thin one, that could eat anything, and never gain a pound.[oh, for the good ole days,haha]

   I sewed for my daughter ,ever chance I got. all through her growing up years and into college.And with working, and family.. there was never time for  "sewing for me"... Then came 4 grandaughters.Once I left work,  I sewed for them.

    I had found Mena's blog , at the end of last year, where she had made a dress a week for her self. I was so impressed.  I loved reading about each dress and waiting to see what the next one would look like. I dreaded to see  the year end.. But at the end of that year, she wrote in her blog, that she wanted to encourage ,"just a few ladies to sew for themselves".That was just the encouragement ,I needed. I knew, after my many years of sewing for others, It was time to "SEW  for Me". So, I joined the sew weekly challenge. but....one  problem.. I had refused pictures of me, because of  the weight I had gained. Now.. with sew weekly...you HAD to take pictures.yuky!!!!!!!  But. once I was forced to see those pictures. I knew it was time to work on my weight..[not for looks, but for my health]. I started watching what I was eating, eating healthy.. and  gradually included walking into it.

  I stared this  approximately the middle of January,2011. Up todate, I have lost 20 pounds.. YEA!!!!! I still have 25 pounds to go. But, I will continue , and as slow as it seems, I will keep on ,keeping on.

   And for this , I woud like to thank Mena of Sew Weekly. She doesnt know ,just how much I appreciate her motiviation to make me.
1- sew for me ..it has been so fun and rewarding
2- loose weight ..it has already benefitted my health, and know , as the rest comes off, will continue to improve.
3- Provide the place ..for us girls to meet . I have made some great friends.
  And one of these friends..is Cathe.. she too encourages me on this weight loss. She is fantstic, and I thank her so much.


  1. well done Judy, I am so prud that you have managed to loose all that weight, and making fab clothes too. You are a star!!!

  2. Thanks Charolette.. you are so sweet..

  3. You are so welcome Judy. I love our friendship, we have the best chats!

  4. Judy That is wonderful! Also taking time to make something for you is very special!

  5. Thankyou Brandy... I am having lots of fun at sew weekly..So proud you joined us.. Hope you have lots of fun too.