Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Family

Papa with his girls ,Emily and Callie on Easter Sunday.Dresses were made by Maw...

Emily and Papa with their 'NOT winning Cabbage contest... Emily just knew Papa could grow the biggest cabbage and win the contest for her. They had so much fun in this contest.  She has him wrapped around that little finger..

Twin grandaughter ,Ashlee and Amy in their Stawberry shortcake outfits, I made them for Christmas. Sitting in their SB shortcake chairs.

Gary ,our son..Pastor at Verona Baptist Church, and twin daughters, Ashlee and Amy.

Gary's 3 kids.. Amy, Kenny and Ashlee

Callie, CIndys youngest daughter, in cupcake dress, I made her. Just look at that hat and boots..Toooo cute.
All three grandchildren won  science fairs .All three won district and went to Northeast College for competition. Kenny, Callie, and Emily.


  1. Dear Maw,

    I just stopped by...found your blog while visiting Ava's. I love to sew as well! Your family is precious...and the outfits you made...such an act of love. They are all too adorable! I'm glad I stopped by...I will be back to see what other projects you've been working on!
    God bless,

  2. Thankyou Laura. I enjoyed your blog too.. God bless.Judy

  3. What a great family! I can see so much love!