Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Ginger Colette Skirt

Red Ginger Skirt from Colette Patterns..
  I love this is so simple to make and comfortable to wear.  I added the nautical buttons because I also made a white and navy nautical violet blouse to wear with it.
   I joined the ginger sew along and this was my muslin.. I liked it so , finished it up. Will add pictures of the actual skirt, once I have finished it.


  1. Yea Ginger and Nautical! Judy, as you know, I love this skirt and I think it's beautful on you! I also love that Emily is your photographer, she has a very good eye!

  2. The skirt looks great on the red!

    1. EEEEH... I had gained a lot of weight at that time...I need to make some more of the ginger skirts, I really liked how comfortable they are..