Saturday, May 7, 2011

Story book challenge- Dororthy...wizard of oz

Wizard of oz  Blouse

Look!!! My pants are too big.yea.yea.yea
 This weeks challenge at Sew weekly..was to pick one of your favorite story books and get an inspiration for your garment..I chose  Dorothy from the wizard of oz. I have read this book so many times.I love the movie..
Fabric- blue gingham [in stash- $2.00 yd= $5.00]
Notions_  free [given to me by a very sweet frind,, thankyou Cathe
Pattern- Colette violet blouse pattern... [Love this pattern , so easy and comfortable to wear.]
Wear again-- yes. definitely

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  1. I am a Wizard of Oz fan too, so obviously I just looooove your blouse, what a lovely idea!