Friday, July 1, 2011

Emilys Vintage Dress

Emily loves vintage patterns..We found this pattern, and she was really excited about it.. She an I went shopping and she picked out the pretty pink fabric. She twirled  excitedly , and ask me.,'Maw..are you going to post it on Sew Weekly?' The girls will love  this one. Yes.. I have her hooked on Sew weekly too..

Emily Morgan-- 12 yr old grandaughter


  1. Dear Judy,

    Oh...this is too precious! What a little princess! You must just love her to pieces! The dress is beautiful...I just love vintage patterns.
    I'm flying on a cloud right now because I just found an elna lock serger at a thrift store perfect condition...for $10! Can you believe it? I have wanted a serger for so long...and the Lord just put this one right in my path! I just knew you'd appreciate this little story.

    Hope you are having a blessed evening...and enjoy a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thankyou Laura, I am so proud of Emily.. She is truly a blessing. She is so sweet [now..doesnt that sound like a bragging grandma?ha]
    So happy you found the serger.God is good, isnt He? Hope you enjoy many sewing projects with it. I remember getting my serger..I had wanted it so long....... when I finally got one,.. I think I sewed and cut fabric,until it was nothing
    Hope you and family have a wonderful July 4th holiday weekend.God bless. Judy

  3. Emily, I love love the dress your Grandma made for you. (nice one Judy!) It looks fab on you. Great fabric choice. Casey Sew. x

  4. Thankyou Casey... When Emily comes over, I will show her this message..She will be thrilled..she is so hooked on Sew Weekly.. When she gets here , the first thing she wants to do is...go look at sew weekly.ha.

  5. Emily is beautiful and the dress is perfect on her! Lovely as can be! You are the best Maw for sure!

  6. Beautiful!! Emily is a little princess dressed by her grandmother, Wow! So sweet!

  7. Cathe and Rosy,
    Thankyou both so much. She is a wonderful girl, I am very proud of her.. Judy

  8. Oh this is so so beautiful!

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  9. Thankyou Amy... I am so proud of Emily.. She is a wonderful grandaughter.. She loves the dress.We will have to pick out more fabric and do her another one.. She is a thrill to sew for.. She loves it..
    Enjoyed your blog..

  10. Oh to have my daughters hooked on vintage too! They are tomboys, just like I was at that age, and I am happy about that but boy oh boy would I love to outfit them in vintage!

  11. Hi Judy

    What a beautiful dress, your lovely grand daughter is very lucky to have a crafty grandmama!

  12. Thankyou Sertyan,
    Emily is so special and fun to sew for..She really loves the vintage dresses and loves sewing.. Which makes me very happy,ha.