Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweaters/Cardigans - Great Thrift Store Finds

I went by our local thrift store .. I normally don't ever find any thing ..But ..Wednesday , my luck,
was to change.  I have been watching catalogues for sweaters/cardigans to wear with my dresses.
The lady working in the store  ,told me to come and look at this rack,  her friend had just brought
this stuff in to sale  And there was 4 sweaters/cardigans.   I was thrilled.
  If you remember , on my mood board,  was the prettiest cream sweater with red flowers monogrammed
on it.  One of the sweaters,  I bought,  looks alot like that one..  It has blue and pink flowers instead of red.
The bronze color sweater matches my fall dress that I am doing for the plain pattern challenge / fall challenge on Sew weekly..
  I left the thrift store , with 4 beautiful sweaters for only $6.00.   Happy ,Happy, Happy!!!

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