Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthdays & Friends--What could be better?

I recently had a birthday..   It was a very good one.   My day was full with  family and the wonderful gifts , they gave me..  And late that afternoon,  the UPS truck came.. I wasn't expecting packages, so was shocked,  when he pulled in..  To my surprise,  there was this wonderful birthday present from my friend Cathe.   She is the most thoughtful and fun person .  She sent me all these wonderful things..  Polka dot fabric..[hint. you will be seeing this one show up on SW challenge]  a vintage red fabric [ because she knows  how much I love red and vintage],  a wonderful sewing tote bag.. I have already got to enjoy the  use of it.. [A recent trip to the doctors office,  it held my sewing books ,that I enjoyed ,while waiting .]   and  the most cherished item--- this tiny sewing machine. I wish you could all see it  in person..  It is adorable. The little drawer really opens and the foot petal really works.. So cute..
  Thankyou Cathe,  for a very special birthday..


  1. happy birthday Judy,glad you had a lovely day. x x x

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lovely gift. Postal drugs cause excited ripples in our home. Yesterday, a truck brought an American Girl doll (Addy) that my daughter had been saving up for for 9 months. She was literally crying tears of joy when she found the parcel on her bed after school.