Monday, October 24, 2011

The Dreaded Chore of Ironing!!!

                                        My Most Dreaded Household Chore
 I spent   a couple days last week,   pulling out fall/ winter clothes. And putting away  light breezy summer clothes..  And with that job,   came lots of washing and  ironing...  As I  stood at the ironing board,  really  dreading the  big basket of  over flowing clothes,  I thought about  the ladies of old.  Many of them,  had to go haul in water to wash,   and heat a  "heavy iron" from the cooking stove ,  to iron the families clothes.  It would be  a  definite all  day job.  
  Wow.... Now why  should I be complaining about my  basket of ironing... Not only did I throw them in the washing  machine , turn on the button and let them wash  "by themselves"... But ,  I  turned on an electric iron,   that  got hot all by itself..   It is very light weight.  So .. I must remind myself..   My overflowing basket,  is   not so  bad after all..
   As I  thought of my grandparents and their ways... I ironed away,  and in no time,  my much dreaded ironing basket was EMPTY!!!


  1. I once took my whole basket of ironing, my iron and my board to a friend's house and we talked while we ironed. That was my favorite ironing session.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Laura, that would be so fun.. Now me and you need to live next door to each other..We could take turns ironing at each others house, while we talked away.. smile

    2. That sounds wonderful to me. I could build a whole neighborhood of wonderful ladies I have met through blogging!
      God bless you dearie.
      Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage