Saturday, December 10, 2011

Papa & Maw Recieved A Special Christmas Present

 How special  can you feel , when you get that "Really Special" Handmade Gift  from a grandchild?
 Callie Noelle is 10 yrs old and in the 5th grade. Her teacher has a craft box, and  she let Callie
pick out any thing she wanted to use to make "anything".  As you can see, she made us a very special Christmas ornament. She told us, it was a cross on it, because Christmas is Jesus's  birthday.

Callie made this out of  a peice of plastic. She added 2 colors of green floral tape to the back.. She then made a cross from 2 peices of  white plastic. She took floral wire and molded  it and added beads..  What a special  Christmas Present.
We love you Callie.

  Love the back of it.. It says," Made it myself",  "Maw and Papa"
and  "From Callie"

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  1. Oh what a wonderful ornament made by a special little person! Big hearts to Callie!