Monday, December 12, 2011

 Sew  Weekly Challenge for week of 12- 12-11 is Patternless Week

 I must confess.. I have no interest whatsoever, in designing or making patterns. I have bought tons
of patterns, and have had wonderful friends ,from all over , give me patterns..Finding the time , to sew
all these wonderful my hard job.  So, this weeks Challenge  was not for me.

  I  have been wanting to  make  a wool aline skirt.  I have the fabric just sitting and waiting on me. Last night, I thought -"ummmmh" , I can do a muslin from this fabric that I had bought at the Ripley Tradeday Flea Market ,this summer... Since it was a muslin, why not  try to cut it out with out the pattern. I have the pattern [so I really am cheating], and have made it lots of times.. It is really simple. It consist of 3 peices. front, back and a tiny waist band . I did cut it out without the pattern [but really it was from memory,ha] So........... my wearable muslin becomes my 'PATTERNLESS challenge".

   I will be pairing this  long skirt with a black cardigan..

  Note: I can even say, I did the purple challenge.. I didnt realize ,until last night, that this fabric has purple flowers in it.Yea!!


  1. two challenges in one, well done and a lovely skirt too. I am not doing this weeks challenge, I really enjoy the process of pattern cutting putting it on the fabric ect so I'm finishing off my Christmas dress instead.

  2. well done you - what a result! I am very impressed x

  3. Good Morning Judy,

    I just LOVE this skirt! You did such a wonderful job...and from memory, no less! I am in awe...

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your prayers. My parents are facing so many challenges right now...they need to sell their large home because of their age and health the midst of all this, my father had a heart attack on Wednesday. Yet God is so Good...and we continue to trust Him and turn to Him for guidance and comfort. And He sends us friends, such as yourself, to comfort us as well. Thank you, friend.

    Sweet blessings,

  4. Thank you all.. Apprecaite your sweet comments..

    I am saying a special prayer for your family. May God be with you and may you feel His loving arms around you. God bless.