Saturday, March 10, 2012

Judy Won the Give Away Thread Catcher

      I was so excited when I won the thread catcher give away at Laura made this thread catcher. Please go to her blog and see the beautiful things she does.. She is such an
inspiration ..
      I  just love it.. Instead of having to drag a garbage can close by to hold all my nips and bits of thread, I sit my thread catcher close by and it gets all the little threads.. So easy to take it from place to place for all your crafting and sewing projects..
     Laura ,thankyou so much. I will treasure this special gift.

 Judy's Special Thread Catcher


  1. Thankyou Rachel.. I just love it!!

  2. so sweet! My thread cactcher and fabric catcher is Arthur he loves to stash it all into little bags!! Whatever keeps him happy.

    1. Thankyou Charlotte,
      I remember when I had my own thread/fabric catchers too.. Pretty nice to have around and I agree ..if it keeps them wonderful!!
      Only problem----they grow up and quit catching our

  3. Lucky you Judy! It's so cute and so useful!

  4. Thankyou Cathe, it is really cute and I love it.. I really like Laura, she is a super sweet lady.