Thursday, April 19, 2012

Liebster Blog Award... Thankyou

Thankyou Charlotte, for nominating
 me for the Liebster Blog  Award. I am so honored. Please go and check out 
Charlotte's blog.. She is so talented and well rounded. You will love seeing
the many things she blogs about...sewing, crafting, reading,  gardening, her
wonderful family and much more.

The object of this award is to  thank the person who sent it to you, and choose
5 more blogs , that you enjoy, and send the blog award to them. This is very
hard for me, because I have so many favorites. 

1- [All Good Gifts]
 I love  Laura's blog. It is so pretty and she is such a nice lady.. I love to read
her blog. I follow her ,through her many  adventures with her lovely family..

2- My good friend 's blog.. you must go
and check out this beautiful and talented lady's blog. she is an amazing
sewer and such a talented  photographer. Such a beautiful blog.

3- - I follow Gina's blog. She inspires me
with her beautiful sewing projects.. I love the way, she always gives the
pattern source she uses.. [However, she keeps me running to Ebay and
Etsy..looking for the patterns she used.ha]

4-  This is a new blog, I just found. But I
really enjoy it. She is a new sewer, and makes many things for her adorable
daughter. I love to see new sewers..  She does an excellent job.

5- I  love this blog. She is such a sweet
nice lady.. She sews really well.. And I love her many ideas. She shares
her many things  she makes. She also, inspires me.

If you were chosen, please use the Leibster Award picture on your
Thank the person, who nominated you for this award, and link back
to them.
Then  comes the hard part......... Select 5 blogs that you  would like
to nominate for the award. And link to them..The aim is to choose,
five blogs with less than 200 followers.

 Thankyou Charlotte for the nomination. I appreciate it so much.


  1. you are a great read my friend and i will check those blogs xx

  2. Hi Judy,

    Congrats on your award. Thank you so much for recognizing me here. You are always so sweet and thoughtful, plus über talented!

    1. Thankyou Cathe...[I think you are too funny...."urber talented" --hahahahaha]

  3. I'm going to have a good look at these new to me blogs, thanks Judy.

  4. Thank you! You are so sweet for this! I appreciate all your kind words and encouragement!