Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pajama Party..

What fun this PJ party has been.. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's
cute and comfy pj's.
And  also, the  fun photos , they are doing with them..  But  Girls........... I
 am too old  to do my pillow fight photos,[I might stand on the bed, and
never get back up,hahaha] So.. you just get  the plain ole photo of my
 new comfy pj's.

Be sure to check out Karen's blog, And see her pj's.Thankyou Karen,
for  doing this sewalong.

  I love the baby soft seersucker fabric  that these are made from, I found
the fabric at the flea market. And I have a RTW tshirt that is soft as silk
to wear with them..

What am I reading?
 I love to read.. At the moment I am reading one of
Nicolas Sparks Novels..."A walk to Remember".
I also  read my sewing books, and glace through
sewing magazines, before falling off to sleep at night..
 What better dreams than.... sewing !!


  1. indeed, sewing books and magazines give us the most beautiful dreams..

    Your not too old, my friend... your pjs are lovely. xx

  2. Thankyou sweet Rachel.. [but I am should have seen me playing freeze tag chase with grandaughters, I noticed Emily was whispering to Callie, "Maw can't run.. Let her catch you!" Those girls are tooooo
    bty...they did let me catch them.. but they almost killed me.. I was so sore the next day, I could barely

  3. They look lovely! The seersucker sounds so nice for summer.

    1. Thankyou so much.. They are really super comfortable and cool for the warm summer nights in Ms.

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