Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pajama Party...Sew along
Check it out here

Karen is hosting a pajama sew along.. What great fun. Check it out ..

My pj bottoms are all really worn and need to be replaced.
I bought this  pattern at JoAnn's 99 cent sale, quiet a long
while back.. But it sit in my stash.. Just waiting for the
right time.. Well.. nothing better than a  pj party.
 I will be making  mine from this yellow seersucker fabric,
that I got  ,while out thrifting..

 Make your own pj bottoms, either from the pattern
that Karen suggest,,Simplicty 2721,  or use one of your own..
Or do as Rachel  has done,
and use an old pair , as a pattern.

Once you have them made, you may post them on 4/29/11.
Note...Karen don't  have to post a photo of
your self in the pj's [if you don't want to].. YEA!!!  You
can just post a photo of a  folded up pair of  "new pj's".

                                                           HAPPY  SEWING!


  1. this will be the best PJ's party ever.

    1. Fun, fun Mrs. Rachel... and we get some new pj's while having our fun.teehee

  2. glad you're joining in too. Like Rachel I am using a mix of patterns from the stash.

    1. Charlotte, this will be lots of fun. Can't wait to see everyones new pj's.

  3. That is such pretty seersucker! I have a stack of thrifted jammies right now, so I won't join the sew-along. But I have some cute patterns waiting in my stash. . .

    1. Thankyou Margo.. I found the seersucker fabric at the flea market.. I really liked the yellow with the little flowers on it..