Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Decorating Books.. So Fun!!

Homespun Style by  Selina Lake
Pages in the Book... Don't you just love the dishes?
So Much  Fun Decorating Ideas
Fabrics...[Dreaming of ideas]
This book Has lots of different rooms.. So fun and creative.

I  was visiting  Justine from:
She had bought this book, and the beautiful colors , just made me
fall in love with it.. I went to and found it.. And today,
the mailman came knocking on my door, with a package..
I  immediately started looking at the photos.. And I definitely
was not dissappointed.. Every page is  wonderful, colored
photos. Such a nice book. [Thank you Justine].
 We are in the midst of an ice storm, So, what a great day,
to fix that cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows, and
read this wonderful book and dream of all the new
projects, I want to do ,this summer!!


  1. so...coming to decorate my sewing room (now that you are a pro?!)....D.

    1. ha,ha,ha Deedy.. I bet you wouldn't want my decorating.. the stuff in the books look beautiful, but when I do it.......... oh well. enough How's the sewing room coming along?

  2. Your welcome Judy! Hope you find the time to try some of the ideas.

    1. I am already doing little things.. And can't wait for it to get a little warmer outside,so I can paint some.. The book is so fun to look at and read..

  3. Oh what fun, great inspiration on a gloomy winter day!

    1. The book has lovely bright colorful photos.. It is the perfect winter retreat..