Friday, March 1, 2013

Easter Biblical Costumes... Judy is Sewing

Costumes for 8 yr old boys

Variety of colors

I will never be able to go to Niagra Falls, NY [how I wish]..However,
my sewing  These costumes are for a church in NY.
These will be used by a church there ..It is for 8 yr old boys.

 I  have posted on my blog before , about making biblical
costumes for churches. I have had my sweet blogging
friends say, " how sweet I am for doing this."  But, I
must tell you, I am not that nice!! ha.. It is such an honor
 and blessing for me to be able to do this. The churches pay
 me a small amount,to bascially cover the cost of
 fabric and shipping.  [and I wish,I didn't have to accept that].

 I watch at fabric stores all through the year, for
 clearance or sale
fabrics.. Usually , the "not so pretty fabric" will be
on the sale tables... But, these costumes are to be
in biblical times, so no shiny bright pretty fabrics
are needed. I store them away, for Christmas and
Easter programs.. I try to keep the cost of fabric, as
low as I can.

So.. What I am trying to say is:  I  will receive such
an award when I get to meet my Heavenly Father
one day.And here on this earth, I get to meet and
deal with some super nice people.

 Happy Easter to you and your families.


  1. Such a wonderful thing thing to do...yes,you will be rewarded and there :) Blessings friend

  2. Perhaps someday, 'time-forward' a bit, some young men will walk up to you and say, "Aren't you the lady who made those costumes for our pagent?" "I really learned about Jesus when I was 8!" And you'll have eternity to learn about their lives, and perhaps the witness you showed them, xxoo, D.

    1. Deedy, thank you so much.. I had cold chills run up my spine ,when I read your comment. YOu are uch an inspiration to me.
      When we meet in heaven, what joy we all will have.

  3. This is wonderful!!! What a blessing to the recipients.

    1. Thank you so much.. It is such and honor and a blessing for me.

  4. Wow, Judy that's a lot of work and dedication! You have a very kind and thoughtful heart!