Thursday, March 7, 2013

House Keeping Schedule

    After reading   this blog
 It made me want to  redo my housekeeping schedule.  I know that a  schedule
is never  going to work every day..There are days, we have doctors appointmens,
[lots of them now adays,ha], there are days we have company [and that is a blessing]
and there are days, that other chores or errands must take the place of scheduled things.
 But, while having a schedule  to semi-follow, it helps me to  keep things more organized .
And seems to keep the house in better order. Thank you Dianna ,for posting yours.

Judy's  House Keeping Schedule

Every Morning Chores [ Monday - Saturday]

1- put dishes up [either from drain or dishwasher]
2- sweep Kitchen
3- Make Bed
4- Make breakfast [We eat light, such as cereal , toast & eggs,etc] So, very
limited cooking and cleaning.. But what ever..clean the kitchen from this.

Every Evening Chores[Monday- Saturday]

1- Cook Supper
2- wash dishes [either by hand or dishwasher]
3- IMPORTANT ---always take a few minutes , before going to bed, to pick
up and return any thing, that is  out of place [Makes for a much better morning,
and so nice, if you happen to have an "early morning, unexpected visitor,ha]

1- laundry day-wash ,dry, fold ,put away
2-Mop Kitchen
3-Wash cabinets
4 Vaccumn living room
5- Dust living room furniture

1- Iron[eeh..I hate this  chore]
2- Clean both bathrooms and mop
3- Vaccumn bedrooms
4- dust bedrooms

1 -Clean out refrigerator
2- Clean microwave
3- Laundry- [sheets off beds] dry ,fold ,put away
[any other laundry that needs doing]

1- Grocery shopping..Running errands day
2- Sweep Kitchen
3- Clean out  pantry ,before going to  town.
4- Iron..any thing from  Wed's laundry

Friday.. Clean for the weekend.
1- sweep kitchen- mop kitchen
2- vacumn all floors
3- Dust all furniture
4- Clean bathrooms

 1-Any chores that I don't get too, during the week.
Outside [when weather permits] chores..sweeping carport,
 cleaning outside garbage cans,  working in flower beds,etc.
2- Clean out closets, or cabinets, or dressers

  Sundays are a family day.. Church day, and spending time with Hubby
and hopefully visits from kids and grandkids.. And sometimes some leisure
sewing in the afternoon.

HINT: I read on a blog, that a lady, spent 10-15 minutes a day, cleaning out closets,
chest,  cabinets, etc..She said, by doing a differnt one ,each day, you keep
them tidy and  they don't require as long..[I am going to give this a try??]

Note:  Sewing is an everyday part of my life. So, Nearly every day
I sew.. This is fitted in , after chores are done..It is my time to enjoy
my self. .


  1. Your schedule looks very do-able. I hope it works well for you. I like your hint to spend 10–15 minutes per day on closets. I think I need to do it in filing. Our papers are such a mess!

    1. Thankyou Dianna.. I hope it workd too.. I agree paper work [filing] is such a hugh chore.. I try to do it, as it comes in..However, that realistically doesn't happen.ha
      I am going to try to clean a closet or parts of a closet each day...and hopefully this will help the spring cleaning go more quickly and easily?? We will see.

  2. This is a super plan, and I do hope you can stick to it (depending on all the other 'interruptions' that occur!) I followed something similar to the 15 minutes a day - I 'made' myself clean out a drawer/cupboard, be it my undies drawer, or the cutlery drawer in the kitchen. It made an enormous a bit of structure and routine to the day sometimes grounds us and helps focus our valuable spare time on what we realllllly want to be doing - sewing naturally!!!

    1. Thank you Judith.. I am going to give it a try.. I have done the schedules before.. and they do seem to keep me on track ,of the everyday things.
      I like the 15 min plan... I am going to try doing that too..just a drawer, or a part of a closet, and then the next some more..Maybe it will work.
      I agree spare time= sewing time.Yea

  3. I never thought to write out a cleaning schedule. I bet my life would go a lot more smoothly if I did. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I too, am hoping it will make the household run more smoothly.. And save cleaning time [which equals to more sewing time,ha]

  4. I love this! I need to be more regimented in my cleaning schedule... thanks for the inspiration! I'm ready to put on my apron & clean house, now! :)


    1. Thank you Heather.. It doesn't work every day..But it kinda keeps me going.. Hope you got your cleaning done.. and Now enjoying yourself. Thanks for stopping by..Hugs

  5. I run my house with a schedule too.. Keeps life easier

    1. I agree Rachel, it doesn't work completely every day...but it does make life easier and run more smoothly..

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Cathe.. I am trying to stick with it. It sure makes life run more smoothly

  7. how nice to have everything accounted for! I do some very similar things. I MUST go to bed with the house picked up (redded up, we way) or it is such a discouraging thing to face in the morning. And like you, I sew when the chores are done, although I don't get to it every day, booooo.

    1. I so agree...redded up before bed time, is a must.. If I get up to "out of order" , my whole day goes wrong..
      Sewing is such a fun thing for me... I don't always get to sew..but most days I do... However, My kids are grown and living in there on houses, so I have alot more extra time.. I only have one to take care of [hubby,lol]

  8. I'm guilty I have no schedule....I used to I need to get back into it LOL. You are an inspiration...

  9. I use to do the schedule and stopped.. I recently started back, after reading another blogger.And it encouraged me to do it.. It helps keep me on track..
    Especially , the picking up everything before bed time.. SO helpful the next morning.ha.

  10. I have a notebook that I put together like this, but tend to get up and start sewing instead.

    1. Ha,ha,ha Dorothy... I have that problem too.. I think... should I get the house work done or sew??? and the sewing sure sounds more fun.. .thank you for stopping by my blog.