Friday, March 22, 2013

Fabric/Pattern Choices for " 2013 Top Essential Sew Along"

Vogue 8815

Cotton/polyester blend fabric

Sassy Librarian  Blouse
[sorry the photo didn't show up, My ink was just about out
when I photocopied this class material]
Cotton fabric.. teal blue with rose colored flowers.

Colette  Violet [My 4th one..I love it]
linen fabric light blue with darker blue designs

White on white stripe linen
WIP--- Colette Violet.. I actually started this 
 blouse , when the  pattern first came out.. I had lost
some weight after cutting it out , and it no longer fit.
 So I tossed it aside.
Since that time, I have lost some more weight,
 but decided, this was the
perfect time, to  redo this beautiful fabric, in the
redo pile.. I took a break , last night and  resized it, and
sewed a little on it.. [cheating Judy,  Sew along is not
 until Sunday!!! OOOPS!]
As I told you here:;postID=8271824357969141658
I am busy working on 4 grandaughters , Easter dresses,
so I am not sure , how many  blouses, I will actually
get done, during this 2 week sew along.. But , I will
commit to one, and we will see ??
However... these are on my sewing table for spring
and summer sewing...Along ,with several new dress
patterns. and of course t-shirts [a brand new world
for me..sewing with  knits.. thank you Stacie.]

NOTE:  Do you know what I  noticed?   I love red, you
all know that... And every time , I pick out is red
or has red in it? Do you see all this blue? hummm... not
like me at all.. I must be going through a  blue



  1. Great choices Judy! You plan on being busy!

    1. Thank you Diane.. I really want to do all these blouses, but I am sure, it won't happen in 2 But, It give me some goals..

  2. Fabric choices look great cant wait to see them all done up. So glad you are making some outfits for yourself again. Your are such a lovely grandmother making your grand kids little outfits all the time. You have even lost weight not that you needed to but thats great, other than having to resize everything hehe.

    1. Thank you Erin.. You are so sweet..I love sewing for the kids..But,am ready to start spring sewing for me..
      Yes, I have lost a good bit of weight [health issues, brought it on] BUt,I am proud,I feel much better. And your right... the resizing stinks.ha

  3. I love your pattern choices! I have the peplum top too. I love florals too.

    1. Thank you... Now.. finding the time to

  4. what a list!you will be busy. The top fabric looks lovely.

    1. Thanks Charlotte.. I have been doing alot of sewing for the grandkids..So now...its my

  5. Oh there is lots of goodness here Judy. I'm excited to see you tackle this list. Very nice choices!

    1. Thank you Cathe. I will probably only get to do one for the challenge.. But, will get to the others on the list,later.

  6. Gosh your so busy, nice that you are finishing your white linen blouse . White linen blouses are lovely...I love red too but the blue fabric is nice too and will suit you as well. Happy sewing:)

    1. Thank you.. Yep...kinda busy...but , I am getting it all done.. the kids dresses are"almost done" ,yea..
      So. I will start on the blouse challenge..Probably with Easter holidays being in there.. I will only do one blouse for the challenge.

  7. Love your choices of prints on your fabric!
    I especially like the first one cotton/polyester blend. I was wondering, is that a good fabric choice for summer? I get so hot, and I would like to sew a few tops for summer can you recommend fabric for hot weather?
    Even some of the 100% cotton fabric is to hot to wear.
    Thanks for any tips!
    Happy Easter!