Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blog Award- Thank you Dorothy

   I was  nominated for this wonderful award by Dorothy.. She  is a
super nice lady who loves to sew and stash [so much fun].,Please check out her  blog.

 7  Things About Me:

1-  I am a child of the King.. And He leads me in everything I do.

2- I am  a wife to a  fantastic fellow named Kenny. We have been
married for 41 yrs. And he is my best friend.

3- I am Mama to 2 kids.[well.. the truth is ..2 adults]..Our daughter
is 40 yrs old, and our son is 36 yrs old. She a high school history
teacher, and he a preacher with his doctorate. I am very proud
of both of them.

4- I am  Maw to 5 wonderful[did I say wonderful! grandkids]. They
range in age from 8 to 14.

5- Sewing is my main hobby.. I love it!!  I have a stash of fabric/patterns/
notions, that is  way toooo much..   I sew nearly every day of my life, and
can't imagine not being able too.. [Hey girls, I tried  [unsuccessfully] to
get hubby to bring my sewing machine to the hospital , for me to sew,
while I was a patient.]

6- Sewing has lead to blogging, and I love the wonderful friends
I have met . And the knowledge that   I have gained from  these

7- I  am a retired Respiratory Therepist.  I worked at the hospital
for 25 yrs. I loved this occupation..  I spent a lot of time in scrub
suits.. so now it is really nice to wear " real clothes".

thank you Dorothy for the lovely award. I appreciate it.


  1. Good ol' Kenny. I love when he makes the blog, even when he is stubborn and won't bring you your machine! :-)

  2. good job, my friend...thinking of you...D.

  3. It's lovely to learn a little more about you.

  4. Congratulations to you! You should be proud of all your accomplishments - especially those kiddos :)

  5. well done Judy you are a remarkable lady.x x x

  6. Congratulations for this award! Found your blog through another one - Internet's sewing community is indeed a great source of joy and discovery.

    1. Thank you.. SO proud you stopped by. I love sewing and you are so right... The internet sewing community is so nice and fun.

  7. Judy you are the best! Big hearts to you!