Friday, April 5, 2013

Do you Remember the First Garment You Made??
  I was visiting the  above blog, and  loved her post [please check it out].

 This brought back memories of my first attempt at dress making /or sewing
in general. First, let me tell you about my sewing experiences.

 I graduated high school in the early seventies. I took home ec in school [yes girls, in
those days, it was a required class. And I am so proud, because otherwise, I probably
would never have taken it ,ha. I ended up loving it]..  . We made  crafts, such as a stuffed
 frog, pillowcases,  and the last year a skirt. So, simple /basic sewing items.

 I soon married the sweet hubby and  he bought me my first sewing machine.
I didn't have an idea, what to do with it? It sit in my bedroom for some time.
and you have to remember, there were no  computers, no "how to do" you tubes,
and I assume [since I now have sewing books from that time]  I could have went
to the library and got a sewing book.. but I was too dumb, to think of that ,ha.

One day, I was visiting the Five & Dime Store [yes, that was the name of it, ha]. They had
flat folds of cotton fabric on a table ,with a few sewing notions . I decided to make myself a
dress or rather 2. I bought a solid pink and a solid purple [Why Judy??], Anyway, I got
an A-line pattern with big oval pocket. Came home, cut them out, and sewed them up.
 I decided to put purple pockets on the pink and vice versa. Oh LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were the ugliest dresses you ever saw!!!! and they went to the garbage.[wish I had them to
show you now.]

  I put away the sewing machine until the next year, when my sweet baby girl was born,
and I learned to sew by making little dresses for her.. and what fun that was.. It was a long
time before, I tried to sew for me.
  Please share your first sewing attempts with me.. Would love to hear about them.

UPDATE: I am working on the blouse sew along with  Faye... and will be posting  soon.


  1. Hmmmm my first sewing project was in home ec. If I remember right it was Simplicity 9446 To see a picture
    This is not my etsy site just a picture of the dress.

    I LOVED this dress. It was so flattering and fun to wear.

    1. What a cute dress pattern.. So proud it turned out good for you..

  2. Well,my very first would have been in 7th grade in my Homemaking class,which most schools don't offer sad to me,because most mothers aren't staying home to teach such skills anymore. Sadly I only had that one year of homemaking,because we were forever moving! So as you know...I still can't sew,but if I would just get out my sewing machine and practice, I might learn something.I did mostly hand sewing when my children were small,as I didn't have a machine. I made them dolls,stuffed toys and did some mending was about the gist of it. Blessings friend

    1. I so wish , they still taught Home Ec in school.. SO sad, because I am afraid that sewing is going to be a thing of the past.
      I love it. I sew nearly every day of my life..ha
      Shelly, I wish we lived close together, we would have you sewing away real soon.. I would love to have a sewing friend.. None of my friends sew..

  3. What a a sweet story Judy. The first thing I ever sewed was a mustard yellow stiff cotton broadcloth skirt I made in my first sewing class which I took at my community college when I was 19. It took weeks!

    1. Oh Justine... I do remember the sewing in home ec..It was the same way, We would take a whole semester to sew up a pillowcase.. Not sure , how they made it last that long. lol. But am so happy, I had the chance to learn.

  4. My first ever sewing project was a pink gingham apron my Mom helped me make. I hated sewing then, as a little girl...years later I drafted my own bodice pattern and made a dress. I've loved sewing ever since!

    1. Eva Girl, Isn't it funny how we change.. I would love to be able to draft patterns.. But, I don't think, that will ever happen. ha I love to sew too.. I just made my granddaughters Easter dresses.. such fun.

  5. Judy seeing what you make now shows a amazing journey! Although I was keen on other types of sewing dressmaking has only been a hobby for the last 2/3 years. I love my first made dress and still wear it. I posted it on sew weekly and felt so so proud!

    1. Thank you Charlotte.. I am so amazed at people like you, that start sewing and make wearable garments and beautiful stuff that soon.. I promise you, I threw a lot of things in the garbage in the beginning. ha
      bty.. I remember the sewing on Sew was such fun, and I really miss all my buddies. Do you remember that dress you did with the shoulder ties and the head scarf?? I still remember it and I love it..

  6. Ha - great story - I am pretty sure most of our first makes would be colour clasing nightmares!

    1. Liz... You are so right.. funny to remember back [that was a loooooooooooong time ago.ha]