Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blythe Middie Dolls & Upcoming Doll Room

Blythe Middie  Dolls
Traveled from Hong Kong
Blythe Dolls-Middie's
New Doll Room [In the making]
Miss Blythe needs a pretty /dainty dress!!
Wow...what a tiny pattern, I am drafting!!
Close up

 The Blythe dolls came out in the 60's & 70'S.. The original
ones are very popular  at the moment. The littlest pet
shop came up with some small [4-5 in] ones, in
their play sets. I couldn't find one, so  I searched
ebay and these sweet girls arrived at my house  , all
the way from Hong Kong.

Callie[11 yr old granddaughter] was visiting, when I found these.
She is totally excited about "our  dolls".  We both decided
they need a home, of their own.. I just happened to
have this little curio shelf . So, we are going to paint,
wall paper, add décor and a new home for our girls.
[Just waiting on  my helper to come}. Now, While
waiting on  her, I decided I wanted them to have some
long pretty dresses/hair bows, accessories, etc.. SO,
 I set out to cut a pattern [now, this is a tiny pattern].
 Stay tuned.. for  the Blythe Girls new house and Clothes.

Please check out Shelly's blog
She is the one who told me about the Blythe Middie dolls from
Littlest pet shop.. Thank you Shelly.


  1. I am so excited about your dolls......I wanted you to have one and almost mailed you my little one :) I can't wait to see what you and your granddaughter do to fix up their know you must give them names :) Blessings friend. And you are so welcome!

  2. Shelly, that will be fun for me and Callie to do.. To think up names for the girls.. She is really excited about this upcoming job.. School has her busy right now.. but hopefully, I will get the dresses made and it won't be long, until she can help me decorate the house/cabinet. Praying for your test.

  3. I wrote a big long post and then lost it when I went over to look at the Blythe doll on your link...loved the wee sewing machine.

    Anyway fancy that you are doing what I'm doing I bought this big dolls house shelf and I have spent all week looking for dolls LOL and you have Blythe how exciting. I want them too:)....I look forward to seeing it all finished. I'm decorating too...just a little bit the girls are too young to help me.

    Oh what fun for your grandaughter!

    1. Ha, well, it appears we are both "having fun". Can't wait to see your doll/doll house too.. Enjoy.

  4. They are so sweet. I have never heard of these dolls before, even though I was around in the 60's and 70'S. Look forward to seeing the little clothes.

    1. I did not remember the blythe dolls from back then either.. I saw them on another blog, and when I began to research the "original blythe dolls", they were so adorable[and expensive].. So.. decided on the new littlest pet shop ones.ha But know, my granddaughter will have fun/memories with this project.

  5. They're very cute! What a fun project to do with your granddaughter.

    1. Thank you Diana, I am looking forward to Callie and I , working on this project. And she is super excited.

  6. How cute. I bet that will be a very fun project for you and your granddaughter. I have never heard of the Blythe dolls either. Where was I??

    Have a good weekend.

    1. thank you.. Callie and I will enjoy this project, I am sure..
      I can't remember the blythe dolls either.. I looked them up on ebay.. They look like these but more the size of Barbie dolls? So cute.
      Hope you have a nice weekend too.

  7. I can't wait to see what you do with the dresses and doll house!! What FUN!!!!! :)

    1. Thank you Stacy..It is going to be fun..
      Hope you get your packing done.. Best wishes for the move.