Monday, February 9, 2015

Just a little Sewing

Simple gowns for my Sister..One knit
and one cotton blend..[My sister is tiny,
and she likes the simple t-shirt gowns.. The
one size fits all..doesn't work for her.].She
ask me to make her a couple. They were
so simple and quick.. No pattern, I just
traced around and old one, and made
the pattern.

My mom lives with her.. SO , of course, I had
to make her one too..

Cheer bows for  Emily and Callie.

More cheer bows.

Juvenile Epsilpesy bow for Callie,
She won the Science Fair at her school,
and will be going to state. She did her
project on this terrible disease of children.
And , knowing first hand the complications
of it, has been very hard for her. But, she
loved the bow, and  the purple ribbon
stands for it.. She was really cute in her
matching  outfit.. Hugs for my sweet Callie.

Another cheer bow..[can you tell I got some new
fonts and wanted to play?

Embroidered pocket tee for  Emily.
Callie had a new tee too..but I can't find
the  photo?? [I guess the camera eat it.ha]
bty- the embroidered letter did match the
shirt, not sure what happened with the
photo color?


  1. Replies
    1. Danielle... I think My grandkids keep me too

  2. Lovely embroidery work. The nighties are sweet. And you say you haven't been doing much sewing? Au contra, my friend.!

  3. These are gorgeous, and Go Callie!!!

    1. Thank you Maryanne.. We are rooting for Calllie to win this next Science fair too..

  4. Callie was very brave, but it was also sensible for her to learn more about her condition and explain it to others - not that this is easy for her, of course. Love all your projects here, you certainly keep busy :)

    1. Thank you Sarahliz.. I think it really helped Callie to study and find out for herself, what this disease was all about.. To help her , come to terms with it.
      Working on my Feb. MAGAM challenge.

  5. Love the embroidery! Congrats to Callie and best of luck to her at States!

    1. Thank you Jill ..Appreciate your stopping by the blog..

  6. LOVE all of it!!!!! I know they must be very proud to wear their bows!!
    Great job, Callie!!!!! Hope she wins it all!!

    1. Thank you Stacy.. The girls both are in the pom they are all into the cheer bows..ha..

  7. Fun!! Love the cheer bows - I know your girls will enjoy wearing them. The nightshirts are GREAT! I love a cozy, comfy, nightie. And a tee shirt is both.

    1. Thank you Robin. The girls love the bows.. and my sister and mom were happy over the night gowns...So.. all in all, I am happy..

  8. Love all the embroidery and sweet gowns for your Mom and Sister! I have never heard of cheer bows but now seeing them i totally get what they are, sooo cute. I bet the girls loved them!

  9. Thank you Cathe,
    I had never heard of Cheer bows either... both girls are on the pom squad..and they have these big bows..[honestly.. they are big and]..But, its the going thing at the moment.ha

  10. Dear Judy,
    You are just the sweetest person...always making something for someone else. How is sweet Miss Callie doing? I continue to hold her up (as well as all of you) in my prayers...what a brave girl...

  11. Thank you Laura.. Callie is doing better.. thank you so much for your continued prayers. I appreciate it. She still has bad days.. Stays really tired, but they assure us, as she adjust to the meds and the idea of this.. She will improve..