Thursday, September 22, 2016

Judy is Sewing.... Dresses for Emily's Mission -- " Dresses for Children in Need"

 Sewing Pillowcase Dresses for  Emily's
Mission..."Dresses for  Children in Need"

Note:  click on photo to enlarge..You 
will be able to see them better.

Emily [my  granddaughter]is a senior
in high school. She had to do a  project
for her honors program, the student is
to choose any type of program to  start
up and over see and to have a passion 
for. She  chose to do for a  children's home
in a town about 2 hours from her. She 
said, these little girls  had been through 
so much and  she wanted to give them a
new dress. She worked to find people
that would  donate [sew a dress] for

I enjoyed this sewing project, not only
did it help me get my sewing mojo going
again, but... it felt good to  sew for a
child who has been through so much.

 I would like to thank  Vickie from being such a  wonderful christian friend. She 
saw on my previous  blog post, that I had 
mentioned sewing these dresses, she emailed me
and offered to sew a dress for Emily's Mission.
Thank you Vickie... Every person that sews, 
ensures that Emily's vision for each girl to 
get a new dress will happen.. thank you so much.

I would also like to  thank my daughter in law,
Gina.  She sews these pillowcase dresses for
Africa and Hatti, she has a real love for
this mission of hers. She works  on it  constantly.
 She took time  out of her busy schedule to sew some
 dresses  for  Emily's mission.  She wants  Emily's
mission of every little girl  to have a new dress , to happen. Thank you Gina. Emily  loves you and appreciates you.

Hope you all have a blessed week.. Will post my
fall decorating  soon.


  1. I'm enjoying sewing them -I will have them done soon. I need to know where to send them though! Your granddaughter Emily is a sweet girl to think of this!

    1. I had fun sewing them too Vickie.. I emailed you my mailing address. If Emily gets any photos ,when she goes to take them.. I will share it with you. hugs my friend.

    2. Thanks Judy! It does make me feel good that I could contribute!

  2. What a wonderful cause, Judy! And how sweet of you to contribute. The dresses are adorable and will no doubt bring so much joy to the little girls who receive them. You're amazing!

    1. Thank you Carolyn. You are sweet... I enjoyed sewing them, and was so happy to help Emily.

  3. And congrats to you as well, for bringing up a daughter with a good value system. I hope she received much joy from doing this project. The dresses are so lovely as well, so hope they bought joy.

  4. This is definitely a great cause and it's wonderful that you're using your talent to contribute towards it. The dresses are beautiful and they'll be a blessing to the girls.

    1. Thank you.. I was so pleased to be able to contribute to Emily's mission. Hope your having a great week, and getting some sewing done.

  5. What a wonderful thing to do, the dresses turned out beautifully. These girls will just love their new dresses I'm sure.

    1. Thank you Kelly.. It was fun.. and I too think the little girls will enjoy getting a new dress.

  6. It is AWESOME that Emily has such a kind heart...the dresses are precious, and the little ones will be thrilled. Thank Emily for doing this, please...D

    1. I will Deedy.. She is an awesome girl.. So proud of her.. and so happy for these little girls to get a new dress.. We have so much [and take it for granted.. or at least , I do]. Hugs my friend.

  7. The dresses look awesome! So proud of you and Emily for doing this and for all your family and friends who are helping you.

  8. The dresses are so cute ♥ Emily is soooo sweet!

  9. There was a 100 year old woman who did this , but she passed. She did it up until the end.

    1. I heard about that too Danielle.. Isn't that amazing? They are so easy to make.. and such a fun ministry. Most people do it for the Foreign countries [I have too] but, I loved that this is local..