Monday, September 12, 2016

September Fall Cleaning-- Week by Week.... Sewing Dresses for Children's Home

 Bedroom #1-- Walls & Doors were washed 
with Lysol.
Dresser was dusted, and  dresser drawers were
de-cluttered . Mopped  floors and under bed.
Wow.. how does that much dust accumlate
in  4 months??

Doors were  washed with Lysol. I did
not  get  to the inside of the closet..That
is to come..

Sewing... Since putting our house up for sale,
and selling it..Lots of work to done on the old
house , we were moving to.  Sewing has been
put on a back burner.. I have really missed it.
 I cut out 5 pillow case dresses , that I am
doing as a mission that my granddaughter Emily
started. She will take all the dresses, that 

have been made to the children's Home. Several people
are  making dresses.. So thier should be plenty for 
each little girl. She is a senior in  high proud
of her ]. I have started sewing them.. Will  do
a  blog post when I finish them. COMING  SOON!!

The living room here, is really small. I found an
empty corner, and got this old stool , from
when my grown kids were at home.
I painted it.. Made a new  cushion. So, I added one 

more seat  to the small living room.  Coming soon
a blog post ,  that will share the outcome..

Hope your  enjoying your beginning of fall.  We are still
hot, but I see signs of  golden leaves falling. And the
temps have dropped some. Yea!!  I have been  fall
decorating also. Will share this soon too.


  1. What a beautiful room, should be in a Country Living magazine. Is that a Jenny Lind bed? I just bought a Jenny Lind head/foot board bed, in great condition. Your granddaughters are going to have some cute dresses...they are so blessed to have a grandma who sews. Looking forward to seeing the end results of the chair make over. I love giving old pieces new lives.

    1. Thank you.. You are so sweet. The bed room suite is really old. My husband bought it from his brother [about 30 yrs ago] and he and his wife had it for probably 20 yrs before that. is old..It is solid and will probably last forever. I will take a photo of the headboard and show you one day..
      The dresses are for my Granddaughter to take to the childrens home. She is a senior and is doing a project to encourage people to help children in need. Several ladies are sewing too.. But, I do sew for the grands too. However, they are about to all get grown.. not fun to sew for them

  2. Judy you are working hard! It's so nice to see it all getting accomplished. I've made pillowcases dresses before for Africa. They are easy and I love to make them. Can we contribute too? I would love it! I'm canning those mustard greens today and it definitely smells like Fall here too. Downright chilly at night. Have a great day!

    1. Oh Vickie, That would be wonderful. A true blessing from God. thank you.. Emily will appreciate any dresses you make.
      I am loving the fall air.. fun..

  3. Your bedroom is lovely! I should mop some of my hardwood floors, too, but for now, I am just vacuuming them. Hope you have fun sewing those dresses. That's a wonderful thing your granddaughter is doing and good of you and the other ladies to help by sewing.

    1. Thank you BLess..It is really small/as is, this house. ha But, we are managing fine, with the downsizing. I am just wondering how we will manage Christmas and the major holidays, when all the kids/grandkids are home? ha
      I am so proud of Emily and this project that she is doing.. It will be fun making the little pillow case dresses..

  4. It's taken so long to get your little home in order. So much to do. But it's looking really smart now, and should be much easier to look after in the years to come. And somehow all will fit at Xmas - you will work out a solution, I am sure. And what lovely work Emily is doing.

  5. THank you Sarah liz.. It has been a long time and lots to do..Hope life settles now, and I can resume a 'normal life" .ha
    Very proud of Emily.

  6. The room looks inviting! I can't wait to see your updates on your projects.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Thank you Laura..
      I am going to update the sewing and chair redo soon..Just need to get photos..BLessings to you too.