Monday, June 11, 2012

Judy's Making Beach Dresses

Callie Noelle-- 11 yr old grandaughter

Emily Morgan & Callie Noelle [13 yrs old and 11yrs old]

Callie, Emily & Chandler
wonder what mischief ,they are fixing to get into?

The three Beach Kids
Aren't they pretty?

Destin, Florida--- Vaccation 2012
What fun they had..

Cindy [my daughter] and her family went to Destin ,Florida
on vaccation. She called me awhile back and ask me to make
them some beach dresses. She didn't want to do white, since
we did white last year.
 These were really simple dresses. Emily's was a peachy/orange cotton with a white
bodice. I embroidered aqua blue flowers on it.
 Callie's was a peach gingham check with a white bodice. I appliqued a sandpail
and crab on it. Chandler [their step brother] wore an aqua blue polo shirt.
 Now ..didn't these 3 Beach Kids enjoy their  beach fun!!!!


  1. Wow Judy, you have adorable grandkids and I love, love, love the dresses and the overall color palette. Really a great looking family! Well done my friend!

    1. Thankyou Cathe.. You know I am proud of them !!! ha [They are spoilt rotten!! lol]
      Enjoyed making the dresses.. The applique on my embroidery machine ,is really fun..

  2. oh beautiful, children and dresses!

    1. Thankyou Charlotte.. You know that Kenny and I , both spoil them

  3. Ohh lucky grandchild's to have so talented and loving grandma x

    1. Thankyou Rachel.. So proud of my grandkids.. Nothing like grandkids... [You can send them home, when you get]

  4. Gorgeous grandchildren and lovely dresses I love the applique....the beach looks so nice too!

    1. Thankyou Theresa.. I really enjoyed making the dresses for them.. They really enjoyed the beach and dreaded coming home,ha.