Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sewing Doll Clothes with [or for] Callie

Callie's Adopted Doll from Salvation Army

Callie was visiting with me and ask to go to the  Salvation Army.
She is amazed to go to a store and spend a  couple dollars and
get a sack full of [Priceless --to her] goodies!!!
Now... let me tell you, this girl has  dolls galore, beautiful
dolls that talk, dance, eat, life like but---
She sees" this poor little baby", that had ink scribbled
on her head...She just knew, she could bathe her and
make her new?? Well soap and water made her
feel better, however the ink was there to stay.
She has to have a bonnet to wear.. How can you
make a bonnet with out a matching dress?

I had this tiny yellow /white floral cotton print, in my
stash, And the doll dress pattern. It was perfect
 for the new baby  an outfit..
Plus... I used 3/4 yard of fabric from my stash ---
thus working on my stash busting challenge!!


  1. That sounds like how I fall down the doll clothes making rabbit hole from time to time.

    1. Ha,ha Stephanie... they sure know how to work us, don't they?
      But, we had fun anyway..

  2. That is such a sweet doll outfit! I love it!! And I bet Callie does, too!!!

    HAPPY 4th! :)

    1. Thank you Stacy... Yep , Callie has had so much fun with this doll. Proud I took the time to do it.. Such wonderful memories, and she is getting older, so I just know "doll playing" is very soon probably going to end.. sad!!!
      Happy 4th to you and family too.

  3. How adorable! The doll looks so sweet.

  4. So, so pretty! I was telling my girl about one of my great-aunts who had a house full of dollies she rescued and mended and tended. G was so fascinated and immediately wants to begin finding neglected dollies to take care of. Such a sweet impulse.

    1. How fun that Genevie wants to follow in your aunts footsteps and fix up the old dolls.. How fun.
      Callie and I had so much fun ,she was thrilled with the Salvation Army trip.. Papa had given her some spending money before we left. She found this "sad little doll" and lots of small baby clothes for her other dolls. When the clerk told her it was $2 , she was thrilled..ha