Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kenny's Camp House - Before & After--Work in Progress
Check out the before photos.. We have made some progress... but a lot of work still to come!!

Front of the house.. [Still has to have the underpinning
put around the house.
But.. don't you girls know, I am enjoying that swing?

Front porch view

Kenny's fruit orchard.. has provided us with lots of fresh fruit.

Garden.. my camera didn't pick up, just how big this garden is.
Lots of veggies

Two fig bushes...loaded with figs
Fig preserves are coming!!!

Rose of Sharon Bush

This on the side of the driveway , leading up to the house.
There are 4-5 white and purple ones leading up
the driveway. They were small and almost
dead when Kenny got this place.. But, he has
brought them back .. So pretty, when you
drive up.

This photo , is really posted for memories for us..
Our grandson would kill me, if he saw it posted.ha

[When he was 2 yrs old, we took him and our granddaughter
on vacation with us.. Our room was on the 2nd floor. while
we were bringing up luggage, Kenny looked over and
saw Little Kenny "peein"  off the balcony..  He screamed
at him, "no Kenny, Don't do that!"  we could just
imagine the people on the first floor, walking out
about that time,and getting  "wet", lol
We saw this sign, and just had to buy it!!!

Back of house-- steps have to be painted.. I ran out of gray paint!
New screen has to be installed on the porch. [when finished,
won't this be a nice place to sit and eat , in the evening?] Such
a pretty view, from here too.

One of the many trails found on this property. Kenny has
cleared a lot of them.. We love walking them or riding
the 4-wheeler.

Now.. the grandkids can't be left out..  Here is there favorite,
the tire swing! To the left, is a basket ball goal...There's
lots for them to do here.


  1. Looks so comfortable and inviting..a great place to relax!

  2. What a big difference you have made to that cabin - it's so smart now. Love the little story about your sign - made me have a chuckle. Beautiful grounds - you will have to set up a little sewing corner with a machine so you can enjoy yourself there.

    1. Thank you SarahLiz, We still have lots of work to do. Slowy but surely ,we will get there.
      Yep... the story of our grandson, is still pretty funny to us too..ha
      I have already picked me out a sewing corner at the camp house. And I have a small /extra sewing machine, so I will be sewing there too.

  3. I love, love, love the porch. My husband and I have been planning to add a porch to our house as we live in a rural area in So Cal. Yes, there's rural areas in Southern California, hehehe. What a wonderful retreat you have!

    1. I love the porch too. so nice and relaxing.. I want one built on my house too.[at home].
      thank you.

  4. The DeerCabin looks awesome! That sure is a lot of painting done, and LOVE the red. Yellow metal chairs on front porch are fabulous!!! Flowers and trees look productive; had no idea you could grow figs! We have limited fruit here. Just apples, pears, plums and berries...oh, rhubarb and an occasional peach squeaks by. But what we have is good. Now we can all see how busy you have been...blessings...D.

    1. thank you.. I love the red color too.. The yellow iron chairs, we just already had, but I liked them on the porch too.[I had originally thought to paint them white, but ended up ,liking the yellow].
      It has been busy around here..Not a lot of sewing time.. Hope to sew some later though.

  5. The house is looking fantastic, and what a relaxing place it will be.

    1. Thank you Stacie.. I will need a week or two to relax, if we EVER get it finished,lol.

  6. It looks wonderful.....I can't wait to get my mobile home painted....maybe soon :) Blessings sweet friend

    1. Thank you Shelly.. This painting is a
      Hope you get yours painted soon.. but first, take care of yourself, and get well.. And let the heat slow down.. hugs.

  7. Love what you are doing with the cabin! Fresh fruit and THAT's good livin'!

    1. Thank you.. It has come a long way.. and still a lot of work ahead.. But the fresh fruit /veggies are well worth it.ha

  8. This is so cute!! I love the gardens too. Would love to come over for coffee and I promise I wouldn't pee off the porch.

    1. Ha, ha,ha.. Now.. if you promise , you won't pee off the porch.. you can come.. hahahhaha

      I would love for you to come visit, I will even bake us some cookies or muffins to eat with your coffee and my Diet coke..

  9. Oh, Judy, this is just precious! You both have done such a wonderful job! What a great place to relax and unwind and enjoy the family!


    1. THank you Laura, we are really enjoying it.. But, it has been a lot of work.. We have plans...I will have to email you and tell you about it.

  10. Wow what a transformation!! It looks amazing you must be so proud and that porch swing that it a furniture dream! I could sit there all day admiring that beautiful landscape. Well done!!

    1. Thank you Erin, I love, love that swing.. You know the only bad thing about it?--it really makes me "not get any work done"hahha
      We just got home.. we spent a couple days out there. SO quiet and enjoyable..

  11. This place looks ideal, with that orchard, garden and lovely view! I trust you are feeling better, now.