Friday, November 1, 2013

Sewing Memories--- Wizard Citation Sewing Machine

Wizard Citation Sewing Machine from the early 70's

Singer  Alter & Fit  Booklet from the 60's

 I found this little  Singer booklet on ebay , last week.
When it arrived in my mail box.. I was amazed at how
well  written it was. And some of the same basic rules
of  altering ,as we use today.

This  made me think of my sewing. I took Home Ec in school, as
all girls did back then [in the late 60's]. I loved it.
Kenny and I married as young kids. I wanted to sew,
so the first year we were married, he bought me this
sewing machine at Western Auto..
They are not made like this any more.. All metal parts.
Very basic machine..None of the thrills of  the modern
day machine. I sewed on this machine for  25 years.
 And , if I remember correctly... it only went to the shop
for minor repairs twice. It still sews to this day.

I had put it away , but just could not part with it.. It sewed my
daughters wedding dress, My daughter in law's wedding dress.
And many dresses for Cindy growing up.  I needed a belt
for it, and could no longer find  them in the fabric shops.
I found one on ebay.  I put it on and  sewed a little on
it. Brought back such fond memories..


  1. Aww, what a nice machine. I wish they would still build things to last.

    1. Thank you Diana,
      I too, wish they built stuff , like they use too.

    2. Know someone who is searching for a belt for her mothers citation sewing machine. Any infor you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Yes, I am a Home Ec Graduate of that era as well ~ wouldn't swap those learning days for anything ... J

  3. That's a really pretty sewing machine Judy. So great that you found the missing belt and it started right up! It's a real gem. Love the booklet too. I would imagine much of the same rules still apply.

    1. THank you Cathe, ..It is all beat up, scratched up, But , lots and lots of sewing happened at that machine.. Love the old sewing books..This one is super nice.. I enjoyed reading it.

  4. Wonderful memories-thanks for sharing them.

  5. Judy...I remember home-ec in middle school...but then they did away with it. My mom has a sampler hanging on her wall that was one I did in home-ec class. What a lost art! I found an old "White" sewing machine at Goodwill...for just a few dollars...and it sews like a dream! It is very heavy and rugged...but I wouldn't part with it for anything! They really knew how to make things in those days!

    1. Oh yes.. the old sewing machines didn't have all the bells and whistles of the today machines... But they sure hold up better.
      I loved home ec.. Isn't it a shame that our children/grandchildren
      will not get this opportunity?